St. Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine, Florida
May 24, 2013


We adopted Luee from the Humane Society in 1996. He was 2 years old, but still a pup. He has slowed down a bit; his age is catching up to him. He is the best dog anyone could ever have. Luee had to be put to sleep on April 15, 2009. Rest in Peace Pup.

Christmas Eve 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

NINA HULA 7/28/2012

NINA HULA 7/28/2012

Jeff, Sam, Nina and Ian

Jeff, Sam, Nina and Ian
Ian's Graduation from Kindergarten

Luck Be A Lady

Luck Be A Lady

Little GQ 12/12

Little GQ 12/12

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

Joey and Elizabeth

Joey and Elizabeth

Nina June 2013

Nina June 2013

Thursday, December 31, 2009


Good Morning Speakies:

It’s New Year’s Eve and the end of the year 2009. Last week I did a post on famous people who were born or died on Christmas Day. I thought today I would see what happened on New Year’s Eve in history. See I’m getting you ready for those questions that the kiddies will hit you with when Christmas vacation is over. Here we go:

1775 – Battle of Quebec – Americans unable to take British stronghold.
1781 – Bank of North America, 1st US bank opens – Offers 2% interest on credit cards.
1862 – Union ironclad ship “Monitor” sinks off North Carolina coast.
1897 – Brooklyn’s last day as a city, it incorporates into NYC – Dodgers think about moving to Los Angeles.
1907 – For the 1st time a ball drops at Times Square to signal the new year, Dick Clark does 1st radio broadcast.
1910 – US tobacco industry produced 9 billion cigarettes in 1910. Everybody smoked in those days I guess.
1930 – US tobacco industry produced 123 billion cigarettes, even grannies are lighting up.
1940 – 37 German U-Boats are sunk.
1958 – Cuban dictator Batista flees Havana, Cuba. Michael and Fredo Corleone high tail it too.
1963 – The Chicago Bears win the NFL Championship.
1970 – Congress authorizes the Eisenhower dollar coin.
1989 – The “Fog Bowl” is played in Chicago; Bears defeat the Iggles 20-12. I saw that game on TV.
That’s about it for today.


Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Hello Speakies:

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, where does time go? Last week I was wishing you all a Merry Christmas and tomorrow I’ll be wishing you a Happy New Year. If you are planning a party, I hope you have your food and liquor purchased and all the rest of your preparations completed. I hope you and your guests have a ball.

Here’s a good news story for New Year’s Eve from Oldsmar, Florida. A Pinellas County man was arrested after authorities said he called 911 to ask for a ride to a bar. Honest to God truth on this one. Police said he called 911 three times. One call was made when he was leaving the bar telling the operator he had a broken nose, bleeding ears and people shooting at him. He was not behaving well when the police arrived and was subject to a taser gun. He is now being held in jail on bond. I don't think we are in Mayberry anymore Otis.

Well I may be back, or I may not. Have a great rest of the day and evening. Be careful out there.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Good Afternoon Guys and Dolls:

Here are two interesting news articles I read today. Let’s start off with I’m getting sick of you Tiger. A new study found that shareholders of Nike, Gatorade and other Tiger sponsors lost $5 billion to $12 billion in the wake of his extramarital affairs. Yes! golf fans and sponsors you put the man on a pedestal and he failed, in fact he failed quite a few times. Don’t cry over your losses now but let it be a lesson learned. They are sports figures not gods, treat them as an ordinary man or woman and if they don’t like it, JoeyZ says tuff &*%#@.

Now my other story comes out of that great city of Palm Bay, Florida. A Palm Bay man has been charged with punching a 69-year-old WalMart greeter who asked to see the man’s receipt. Mr. Friendly customer showed his receipt quickly and kept walking, the greeter followed him outside. Much to the surprise of the greeter, Mr. Friendly grabbed his clipboard and than proceeded to punch him in the head. Of course Mr. Customer was arrested and charged with battery. Our greeter said the following great words, “I told the boss, I’m getting to old for this stuff.” My suggestion have all your greeters carry stun guns for fun and protection or maybe just a simple can of wasp spray.


Good Morning Speakies:

It's nice to be back after a long weekend and a very nice Christmas Holiday. I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday with your loved ones and Santa brought you everything you wanted. I always tell my sons don't worry about buying gifts for Mom and me, but I received two nice surprise gifts from my boys this year; a cue stick and my own personal Philadelphia Eagle cap. I'm ready to shoot pool and watch the playoffs.

Well the rest of the week I guess everyone will be getting ready for New Year's Eve. If you are having a party or going out to celebrate have a great time, but be careful driving, most of all please watch the drinking. If any of my speakies received some surprise presents make a post and tell us what Santa brought you. Have a nice day and we are also celebrating Tick Tock Day and No Interruptions Day, so raise your glasses high this evening and make a toast.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Good Morning Guys and Dolls:

Christmas Eve 2009 is here and all the hustle and bustle should be finished. I’m going to take a long weekend to enjoy the holiday with my family, but I wanted to wish all My Guys and Dolls a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I thank you all for stopping by and reading my sometime strange posts and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do writing them. We have a new Speakie this morning from Hungary welcome.

I also wanted to wish a special Merry Christmas to my blog buddies, Mack, Tom Glover and Noel. I have to wish my buddy Joey G and his lovely wife Kim Happy Holidays, Joe was the inspiration for my book. To the love of my life Roe and my sons thank you for making my life complete. To my little ones, I hope Santa brings you everything you wanted; Pop-Pop loves you very much.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Good Morning Guys and Dolls:

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and to my Speakies in the Midwest, have a very Merry White Christmas. Roe is going to make her Fish Stew today and I can not wait to have a bowl tomorrow night. It’s really what the Italians call Baccala. She uses Flounder, Shrimp and Scallops along with her own spices and other secret recipe ingredients, it is soooooo good. I’m sure all of you will be having your own family traditional dishes as well so enjoy your Christmas Eve meal with the ones you love.

Tomorrow is also the start of TV Christmas marathon movies. A Christmas Story (You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid) starts at 8:00 p.m. on TBS and White Christmas with Bing Crosby runs all day long on AMC so if you like those movies park yourself down and enjoy. Also don’t forget the NORAD website to follow Santa’s track for the kiddies’ tomorrow night.

Tomorrow will be my last post until after Christmas; I’m taking a long weekend to enjoy the holiday with Roe and my boys. Have a great day, a relaxing evening and most of all be careful out there.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


BREAKING NEWS OUT OF GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA. Transportation officials have reassured drivers there has been no sighting of Zombies in the area. Seems hackers posted “ZOMBIE ATTACK! EVACUATE,” on an electronic sign during the morning commute. The message was a hoax by someone who hacked the sign by telephone or on site. Its always about Vampires now, I’m glad my Zombies got a little news credit today.


Good Afternoon Speakies:

Reporting on the death of yet another funny man, Arnold Stang. Many of you may not know him but he was famous for playing nerdy rolls and starred with Uncle Milty Berle in the 1950’s. He was in the cast of “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.” Some of you may remember him as the lead voice in the 1960s cartoon “Top Cat.” Arnold was 91, rest in peace Mr. Stang you did your share to make people laugh.


Good Morning Guys and Dolls:

Well 3 more days till Christmas, this year has really flown by and when you start getting older it seems to fly by faster. I hope all your preparations are falling in place and soon you will be able to sit down and enjoy the holidays as they are meant to be.

When we say the holiday season we have Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day and all the days in between. Most people have a special favorite, mine is Christmas Eve. I’ve enjoyed Christmas Eve ever since I was a kid. Was it the anticipation of Santa’s arrival or looking forward to my Grandmother’s Christmas Eve Polish meal? When our boys were little it was the joy of seeing the excitement in their eyes and with my grandchildren the fun of telling them about Santa’s arrival or watching Roe wrap their gifts. Most of all when all the festivities of evening are done, it’s the peace of the last few hours I enjoy, reflecting on what I have to be grateful for and some times how bad I feel for things I may have done or said to the ones I love. What ever day is your favorite enjoy it and be grateful that you have the ones you love to share it with.

Have a nice day Speakies whatever you are doing, working, shopping or going crazy. Talk to you later.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Good Afternoon Speakies:

Just stopping by to say hello and wishing you all a nice evening. My northern Speakies will be having a White Christmas for sure this year. I hope you guys did not work to hard digging out. I miss the good variety of food from up north but not that white stuff and cold weather. It will be highs in the 70’s here on Christmas Day with a chance of rain.

There are some interesting observances today, so when you get home and pour a glass of your favorite holiday cheer and you can celebrate the following:

Humbug Day – Always one of my favorites.
Winter Solstice – It officially started around 12:45 p.m. today.
Flashlight Day – Everybody grab your flashlight tonight and run around outside.
World Peace Day – Borrowed that one from Miss Congeniality.
And finally “Don’t Be a Scrooge Day”.

Going to run Guys and Dolls, Drive Home Safely and Enjoy the Evening and remember it's only 4 DAYS TO CHRISTMAS.


Good Morning Guys and Dolls:

Well it is Christmas Week and let us make it a happy week filled with love and joy. I know people have family disputes, medical issues, job and financial security worries and the list could go on and on. Let’s just try to reflect on the meaning of Christmas as it is, a season of Love and Good Tidings to all. Just try to remember the Christmas’ of our childhood and bring that feeling back to share with all.

Well I hope you all had a great weekend and finished all that Christmas stuff. Now is the time not to stress but to relax, kick back with a cocktail and get ready for all that cheer and food. I was checking my calendars and wondered about famous people born on Christmas Day, so I made a list. You could even consider this a grey matter lesson in case your kids ask you “Do you know anyone famous born on Christmas Day?” Well here we go:

Clara Harlowe Barton – Nurse founder of the American Red Cross.
Conrad Hilton – That hotel guy.
Robert L. Ripley – Ripley’s Believe It or Not.
Humphrey Bogart – Actor, “Here’s Looking at You Kid.”
Cab Calloway – Band Leader
O’Kelly Isley – One of the Isley Brothers, “Twist and Shout.”
Jimmy Buffett – Get that guy a cheeseburger.
Sissy Spacek – The original Carrie.

There we go just to name some people. I have one more thing to say, if you are going out to last minute shop just don’t be like the guy below.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Hi Speakies:

Only in Florida can you get a news story like this one. This breaking news comes to you from Clermont, Florida. During a routine lawnmower traffic stop, a Clermont police officer discovered the driver was tipsy (Did not know of such as thing). The driver had a hard time getting off the mower and when asked if he was OK, he mentioned he had been drinking. Of course Mr. Lawnmower Man failed the sobriety test and was carted off to jail. Here is the kicker, he told police he was only feeling a little buzzed. He only drank 2 pitchers of beer. Give that man a few of those pink hard boiled eggs in a jar and a brew on me.

Well Speakies, that may be it for today. Like I said before have a great weekend and be Happy and Careful.


Good Morning Guys and Dolls:

A Happy Friday to you all. 7 days till Christmas and it’s the last shopping weekend before Christmas need I say more. This weekend we also celebrate the following holidays:

Bake Cookies Day – I miss my Mother’s Polish Lekvar and Nut cookies.
Flake Appreciation Day – Is it the Dandruff Kind or the Crazy People Kind.
Wear a Plunger On Your Head Day – I’ll see if I can find someone wearing one and make it a Kodak moment.
Oatmeal Muffin Day – Sneaking in one of those health nut holidays that regulate your system.

If you are fooling around this weekend with your home computer, NORAD has a site you can check out for the little ones, it’s a Santa Tracker. Pretty neat little idea and the kids may get excited following Santa on Christmas Eve. JoeyZ says check it out.

The weather in sunny Florida will be turning colder with rain over the weekend. On Sunday highs will only be in the 60’s and lows in some northern portions in the 30’s. So if you are coming to visit, bring a jacket or sweater with you.

Latest Tiger Woods news from Florida, the wife is planning a divorce, gee that’s real news. Poor Tiger he is going to be taken to the cleaners.

Well Speakies enjoy Friday and the weekend, but be careful out there. I may be back later or I may not be back later. See Ya.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Hello Speakies:

Read a funny news story this morning out of the great State of Utah. Seems a Costco store in Utah took tomatoes off the shelves during a book signing visit by Sarah (Hockey Mom) Palin. As you may recall Palin was pelted by a fruit during a stop at the Mall of America. One customer complained about the store having no tomatoes and was advised by the manager that the tomatoes will be returned to their place on the shelves after Hockey Mom left.

Dear store manager, your customers could have chosen eggs, some nice grapes, ripe kiwi and even strawberries to pelt the great Hockey Mom if they wanted to. You made the poor tomatoes suffer and maybe some little kid asking his Mom, " Why is there no tomato on my grilled cheese sandwich Mommy?"

JoeyZ speaks.


Good Morning Guys and Dolls:

8 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS AND COUNTING. These days are passing quickly and the more people I talk to have not finished their shopping, baking, decorations etc. To me the time is just flying by and I wish the days would slow down a bit for everyone so we could relax a bit, but I’m not the Time Man and have no control.

Yesterday was Stupid Toy Day but I would like every one of my readers to let me know what toys you asked Santa for when you were little. Let me know if you received them also. Now being an only child I usually received what I asked for but in moderation and personally I did not ask for a lot of toys. Roe and I tried to do the same for our sons and I hope they do the same for their children. OK here are some of the toys, games etc. I asked Santa for:

Erector Set – Bingo got that one and it kept me busy for hours.

Air Rifle – This one made a real loud sound, but no BB’s; never shot my eye out.

Machine Gun on Tri-Pod Stand – This one shot plastic bullets as far from the living room into the kitchen, my sons played with it when they were little.

Fort Apache Set – Had fun with that for a long time. Came with soldiers, Indians, horses and you name it.

Toy Trumpet – Blew that baby early Christmas morning and woke my parents up, Dad was a little pissed.

Electric Football Game - This one had a motor, and you had to line up the players and one player had a little foam football and when he was hit that was the end of the play. Pretty neat game in its day but to set up the players was a pain.

One thing I’ll always remember was the train, my uncle’s 1939 American Flyer, tracks were on a plywood sheet my Dad made, the town was inside the tracks and JoeyZ was the Engineer. OK Guys and Dolls your turn so I’ll be waiting. If you can read you can comment so get to it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Hello Speakies:

My kind of news story out of Fort Pierce, Florida. We could call this one "Retirement Time for Bonzo's." Ten chimpanzees were rescued from a laboratory in New Mexico and are on their way to Florida to enjoy retirement. They will arrive today at the Save the Chimps Facility, which is equipped with platforms, swings and rope bridges. Most of the chimps were involved in biomedical research and truly deserve retirement in the Sunshine State. I suggest we take up donations for gold watches and bananas. Enjoy Florida Bonzo's.


Good Morning Speakies:

A Happy Hump Day to you all. Checking over my calendars I see today we celebrate the following observances:

Stupid Toy Day – That’s an idea let’s name some of our favorite stupid toys. I’ll start that one later today or tomorrow and maybe even old favorite toys we wanted at Christmas time.
National Chocolate Covered Anything Day – Let your imagination run wild on this one. Have some fun later.
Barney and Barbie Backlash Day – Got me there.
Boston Tea Party Day – One colonist heard saying, “Not the Lipton.”

Yesterday I was reading a blog by Tom Glover from Hamilton Township, NJ. His site is on my main page. Tom is a great writer for the local paper and a historian for the Hamilton Township, New Jersey Library. His posts are very interesting and if you are from that area or not please check his site out. Going back in history the way Tom presents it is great.

He had a post regarding New Year’s Eve 1936. It was a large advertisement from several bars, clubs and restaurants in Trenton, NJ featuring their New Year’s Eve menus. I was amazed at the prices of the dinners. With the Depression I still imagine that was a price to pay for the meals listed. I saw Chicken and Spaghetti dinners with all the fixings for 25 cents. We will never see those prices again. There was also an ad for the original Red Ryder BB Gun, really neat it looked just like the picture in the movie “A Christmas Story.” Well have a great day and I’ll be back with those stupid toys and also our favorite toys that we asked Santa for.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009



Here is a follow-up to my post last Friday concerning Yogina (I originally called her Yogi, but she is a Momma) the Black Bear who took a swipe at a local Florida resident when he opened his door. Wildlife officers captured and killed Yogina over the weekend. Some of the local folk are blaming the man for the bear's death, saying he set out food in his backyard. Factions here are at war, death threats are being made at the man who was swatted and now leaving 2 cubs as orphans. He in turn is outraged at the threats and the way he is being portrayed as the "Evil One." I smell bear war a brewin.

Here was the perfect solution, wildlife officers should have sedated Yogina, captured her cubs and relocated them to Ocala National Forest to enjoy their days. My suggestion quit building on every inch of land, we do not need more shopping centers, strip malls, condos and homes. Let nature breathe.

JoeyZ speaks.


Good Morning Guys and Dolls:

Wishing you a very happy Tuesday and hoping you all had a great evening last night. So far this Christmas Season I’ve written about Christmas drinks, family traditions, memories and food. I came across a picture today, actually a Norman Rockwell print from the Saturday Evening Post collections. If one ever had a chance to spend Christmas Eve in a town like the one pictured it would be the perfect place to be. Right now I have some Christmas tunes playing which I made up on Playlist of about 110 songs. Now I’m talking the standards Sinatra, Bennett, Mathis, Como, Bing, Boston Pops and Andre Previn etc. Christmas music I can relate to and enjoy. Good Christmas movies and music can really put you in the spirit of the holidays.

Speaking of Christmas movies The Hallmark Channel and Lifetime Channel are playing them most of the day and evening, some are good, some so so but all in all they are enjoyable to watch. I taped a movie the other evening “Holiday Inn”, which I have not seen in years. Send me your favorite Christmas song or carol and movies; I’d love to find out my Speakies favorites. Have a nice day.

Monday, December 14, 2009


Hello Speakies:

It has been one of those busy, busy days. Not really much to report news wise except more Tiger Woods tales and that's becoming old news. The man cheated and got caught end of story, now pay the price. I want to congrat the Eagles for a great victory over the Geeants last night in the Meadowlands. Have a safe drive home tonight and a great evening. See you Guys and Dolls tomorrow, God willing.


Good Morning Guys and Dolls:

Just stopping by for a short visit and hoping you all had a great weekend. I’m also hoping you either started or finished those Christmas decorations but if you did not remember Christmas is only 11 day away so get busy. Today we celebrate Monkey Day. I guess a zoo visit would be nice. Pretty crummy morning here in Central Florida, humid with heavy fog. Highs today will be a record breaking 85 with a chance of sunshine later on and the warm weather will continue for a few days just for you folks planning a visit here.

I’ll be checking for some updates or news stories for you guys, but for now have a great morning.

Friday, December 11, 2009


As I leave for the weekend Speakies, I give you one more news story from the great state of Florida. A Lake Mary gentleman was injured when he heard scratching at his door. Upon opening the door a bear greeted him with a swipe to the face causing some minor cuts. Black bears are pretty prevalent in this area but this is the first story I heard of direct contact. I’m afraid this Yogi might be hunted down but I hope he will be relocated to the Ocala National Forest. Good Luck Yogi.


Good Morning Speakies:

A little busy this morning, but stopping by to say “HAPPY FRIDAY.” Hoping your day goes by quickly at work with no problems or headaches. This weekend we can raise our glasses of cheer to Poinsettia Day, Ding A Ling Day and Cocoa Day. 14 Days left till Christmas so get busy shopping, decorating and baking but most of all have fun doing it and be careful out there. I may be back later but if not a GREAT WEEKEND TO ALL.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Good Morning Speakies:

Hope you all had a nice evening last night. Today is the start of Hanukkah and I wish my Jewish Guys and Dolls and their families a very happy holiday season. The holiday season is a special time to reflect on the blessings you and your family received and to share the spirit of the season with the ones you love. It’s also a time to gather with friends, share food, good times and cheer.

Cheer is what this post is going to be about. What’s your favorite drinkable cheer over the holidays? When I lived in Jersey, I had a particular taste for a nice Manhattan on the Rocks (Still my favorite cocktail). On those cold wintery nights a Blackberry Flavored Brandy or a nice Rock and Rye hit the spot and warmed the toes. My wife had a favorite drink called a Peppermint Pattie, tasted just like the chocolate peppermint candy. People served wine and guys drank beer but those holiday drinks were something to see and taste. A hot buttered rum, a Tom Collins, a nice Old Fashion and even Shirley Temples for the little ones. My grandmother even had a good remedy for the common cold or flu. A nice hot plain cup of tea, mix in some honey, lemon and a double shot of whiskey, down the drink and proceed to get under the bed covers and by morning you would be feeling better.

I have readers from all over, so tell me your favorite holiday drink or the drinks popular in your area or country.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Sorry Speakies had to post one more before evening comes.

Florida Do Nothing Governor Charlie Crist has now turned his focus on the National Football League's upcoming draft. He has spoken to a Florida pro team about them drafting University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow. Gee Charlie have you no other important issues pending in the State of Florida? Let's see what needs to be done: Education funding, road construction, jobs, health insurance problems, senior citizen concerns, housing and foreclosures.

Sorry! you are going to do something Governor like that is to sign the "High Speed Rail" bill when it comes to your desk. The rail line that goes from Poinciana, FL to Deland, FL. that probably no one will really pay and ride. People run toll booths now and you think they'll pay to ride the rail.

As far as Timmy goes he will be saying Hello Oakland, California but us poor Floridians hope you don't go to Washington.


Good Afternoon Speakies:

I decided to check out some birthdays, deaths and history facts for today, so allow me to fill that grey matter with some knowledge. You can rest when the kiddies have Christmas vacation. I will not give you any facts to increase your knowledge but allow you all to play with your toys.

Came Unto Us This Date:
1608 – John Milton – Poet, mentioned in Animal House by Donald Sutherland, “Even Mrs. Milton found him boring.”
1886 – Charles Birdseye – That frozen veggie guy.
1898 – Emmett Kelly – Famous Circus Clown.
1902 – Margaret Hamilton – The Wicked Witch.
1909 – Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. – Actor.
1911 – Broderick Crawford – Actor Highway Patrol, All the Kings Men
1918 – Kirk Douglas – If you don’t know Kirk, I’m Spartacus.
1922 – Redd Foxx – “I’m coming Elizabeth.”
1929 – John Cassavetes – Actor – Dirty Dozen and Rosemary’s Baby.
1934 – Al Kaline – Detroit Tiger great.
1942 – Dick Butkus – Chicago Bears linebacker.
1952 – Michael Dorn – Mr. Worf from Star Trek.
1953 – John Malkovich – Scary actor.
1957 – Donny Osmond – My words can’t describe my feelings.

Bit The Dust Today:
Plenty but the only ones who stick out for me are:
1990 – Mike Mazurski – Actor and Wrestler.
1992 – Vincent Gardenia – Actor
1995 – Douglas “Wrong Way” Corrigan – Aviator.

Stuff Today:
1851 – First YMCA opens in North America – Village People perform live.
1907 – First Christmas Seals sold – Wilmington, Delaware Post Office.
1931 – Spain becomes a Republic.
1963 – Frank Sinatra Jr. kidnapped.
1965 – “A Charlie Brown Christmas” premieres.
1967 – Singer Jim Morrison is arrested for being a bad boy.
1990 – Lech Walesa wins presidential election in Poland.

That’s enough for today. I’ll be planning my Christmas Drink Post next so get ready to reply. Have a great evening and be kind to everyone.


Good Morning Guys and Dolls:

Happy Hump Day to all. Let me start off by telling you of another great Florida Christmas spirit news story out of Dunnellon, Florida. This brute Momma from Marion County slapped her live-in disabled boy friend with a raw steak and then slapped him several times because he refused a piece of sliced bread wanting a dinner roll instead. Chubbo was arrested with a hearing scheduled in January. Boy friend I sure hope Santa gets you out of that house or it may be your last Christmas.

On a lighter note, today we observe Shareware Day, Day of the Horse and Christmas Card Day. My suggestion is to write those cards out and get to your local post office before the rush. The same applies to shipping those out of state gifts and goodies.

Have a great day, be careful and I may see you later with some interesting facts and birthdays or another breaking story. Remember send me your comments on your Christmas traditions, meals or whatever. I may start a favorite Christmas drink post. Sounds good to me.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Hello Speakies:

Here are some opinions from JoeyZ himself. Last night Roe and I were watching a TV show when a commercial for shampoo came on. Here are three friends having lunch at a restaurant when all of a sudden the woman in the middle starts scratching her hair constantly. How would you like to have a little white dandruff mixed in with your Pecorino Romano cheese to top off your Caesar Salad? Come on commercial wizards that is one disgusting commercial to watch.

Things are popping here in Tiger Town Central Florida. This story gets better everyday but the local yokel news will kill it to death just like the Casey Anthony story. Just report the important stuff concerning this story. The guy screwed up just like an average Joe could. We don’t need to know what color shoes he was wearing leaving his house.

We saw a new show last night starring Scott Bakula, Andre Braugher and Ray Romano called “Men of a Certain Age.” A new comedy with a lot of human interest emotion mixed in. Catch it on TNT Monday nights at 10PM.

I’m going to scout around for some more stuff and maybe I’ll see you later, if not have a great evening.


Good Morning Speakies: Here is a breaking news story from the great city of Deland, Florida. A Volusia County woman is facing battery charges. This sweet little miss caught her hubby smooching another woman in a bar on Saturday night and started slapping him around. When they got home the argument continued and she later was arrested for hitting him in the head with a can of soup. Gee I wonder if it was Chunky or Light. Don't mess with Momma and her soup cans.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Good Evening Speakies:

I just wanted to make one last post for the day. 68 years ago, December 7, 1941, 2,402 Americans died and over 1,200 were injured at Pearl Harbor. Let us never forget the sacrifice they made for our freedom, along with all the men and women who served in World War II. Remember them in your prayers this evening.


Hi Guys and Dolls: I want to thank my blog buddy Mack for posting this picture on his site. It's a photo of downtown Trenton, NJ at Christmas time. Looks like the 1950's era and it brought back memories to me of shopping downtown with my mother and father. That was fun going in and out of the various stores, smelling the peanuts at the Planter's Peanut Shop or grabbing a hotdog at Woolworths 5 & 10 store. You also froze your butt not like shopping at the malls. Enjoy the picture and may it bring back memories of your hometown and Christmas time. Thanks Mack.


Good Morning Guys and Dolls:

I hope you all had a great weekend and bought that Christmas tree and finished all those decorations like I told you to do. As long as you had a nice weekend that’s all that counts in my book and in your life. I’ve written some posts about my favorite Christmas traditions, memories and such, please feel free to comment on yours. Now I know we all loosen our belts over the holidays and in January we promise that old diet thing once again, but let’s talk food. I’m Polish and Roe is Italian so we have a variety of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day food traditions. Being Polish I can remember what we ate at my Grandmother and Mother’s homes on Christmas Eve “Wigilia” and Christmas Day. Christmas Eve no meat was ever served.

The meal started with one of the most revered Polish customs the breaking of the oplatek. The oplatek is a thin wafer made from flour and water. The wafers were baked by organists or by the religious and were distributed to the Polish households. The father or eldest member of the family breaks it in half and gives one half to the mother. Then, each of them breaks a small part from each other’s piece. They wish one another a long life, good health, joy and happiness, not only for the holiday season, but also for the new year and many more to come. This ceremony is repeated with all the children and guests at the house.

I remember we had mushroom or beet soup, a fish dish usually cod or flounder, pierogi’s, sauerkraut, bread and plenty of desserts to eat. After dinner some good coffee and a few good belts of blackberry brandy or rock and rye. Christmas Day was a pick day for food ham, potato salad, cole slaw, kielbasa, horseradish and some left over pierogi’s. Good memories and good food.

When I met Roe, I was introduced to the Italian Christmas Eve dinner. Dinner consisted of baccala a fish stew, shrimp with cocktail sauce, smelts (tiny fish), a fish dinner usually flounder or cod, French fries, fried broccoli patties and other assorted goodies. Christmas Day was ham, stuffed shells, shrimp cocktail and plenty of other goodies.

We kept this tradition with our children some of the food they liked and some not but the memories of Christmas with Roe and them are my best. She still makes the best fish stew ever and I’m getting ready for it now. Have a great day Speakies and send me your favorite Christmas Eve and Christmas Day foods.

Friday, December 4, 2009



Man bites dog, not really but man’s best friend lost his job today. An owner of a Gas Station/Convenience store received a warning from the Florida Department of Health informing him that his dog must go. It seems the dog a Lab retriever works as a greeter in the store wearing a company shirt and name tag. The Department of Health declared that if the dog continued working they would declare all the sodas, snacks as unfit for consumption. Come on Health Guys all the snacks are sealed but you have to pick on somebody for something. I have an idea for you, send some undercover agents to some of these stores and enforce the “NO SHOES, NO SHIRT, NO SERVICE” law, some of these scum bags are worse than dogs.

Strictly the opinion of JoeyZ.



Have to get into the Christmas colors a little bit. Well it is Friday and the weekend is upon us. Down here in Central Florida a pretty crummy weekend is in store; rain, thunderstorms and highs only in the upper 60's. They say Sunday the weather should be clearing up with highs in the 70's. Get busy this weekend getting those outdoor and indoor decorations up, put some Christmas tunes on and get that spirit going. Enjoy the decorations before you know it the holidays will be gone. This weekend we can celebrate the following observances with a glass of fine cheer:

Cookie Day - Get busy girls
Santa's List Day - Get those little ones busy writing their wish list
National Dice Day - 7 - 11 come to Joey
Blue Jeans Day- Jeans make you feel relaxed
Bathtub Fun Day - This could be a fun day for young and old
Special Kids Day - Kids are all special, some need just a little more caring and love
Saint Nicholas Day

Whatever you do this weekend have fun, love one another and be careful out. Have a great one Guys and Dolls. I may be back later if anything breaks.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Good Morning Speakies:

Breaking news from DeLand, Florida. A local Grinch made their way inside a tent located at a local Lowe’s and set fire to a number of Christmas trees that were stored inside. A witness could only ID him as wearing a hooded sweatshirt. What butt head would want to set fire to Christmas trees? If this local yokel is arrested, here is the perfect sentence. I would make him clean the pine needles off the ground with his fingers during business hours wearing a shirt that reads “NUMB NUTS.”

Today is also Disabled Persons Awareness Day, be kind and if you see they need a hand extend yours to help. Go grab a cup of coffee, I am and let’s all have a great day. Talk to you guys later.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Hello Guys and Dolls:

Speaking of Christmas memories, I found this picture of the interior of St. Hedwig’s Catholic Church from my home town. My Mother, Father and I belonged to this parish ever since I was born. I could not tell you how many services I attended there; I even served as an altar boy for several years. On Christmas Eve the church was decorated with Poinsettia plants and beautifully lit candles. The choir was mostly male accompanied by violins and the organ. The carols or kolendy in Polish were beautifully sung. I remember you had to leave the house by 11 p.m. just to get a seat and we lived only 1 block away. It was especially nice if snow was falling that evening. We all have our memories and if you would like, please share yours here.

DECEMBER 2, 2009

Hello Speakies:

Well Hump Day has arrived and it seems Christmas is getting closer with each days passing. I posted what Christmas memories I had and I’m still waiting for some of your memories regarding the holidays. Don’t be shy, this is a Speak Easy and your comments and posts are always welcome.

Let’s see what great observances there are today. Well we have Special Education Day, Coats for Kids Day and Science Fiction Day. The flower of the month is a Narcissus or Holly. How about some Happy Birthdays to the following:

1906 – Peter Carl Goldmark – developed color TV and LP records.
1914 – Ray Walston – Uncle Martin from “My Favorite Martian.”
1954 – Dan Butler – Bob “Bulldog” Briscoe of TV show “Frazier.”
There were more birthdays however mostly sports figures I never heard of, so I don’t care. Call me a Grinch today.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Good Morning Guys and Dolls:

A happy December 1 to you all. In December we celebrate National Tie Month, Safe Toys and Gifts Month and Universal Human Rights Month. This week we celebrate Cookie Cutter Week and today Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day. I can’t do that one, without my 3 level computer glasses I’m sunk. I have placed some Christmas tunes on my blog to get you all in the spirit of things, so I hope you enjoy them as you are reading.

Let’s see what famous births, deaths and history occurred this date:

Born Today:
1671 –Francesco Stradivari – Italian Violin maker.
1904 – W.A. “Tony” Boyle – United Mine Workers President.
1925 – David Doyle – Bosley of Charlie’s Angels fame.
1934 – Billy Paul – Singer “Me and Mrs. Jones”, we got that thing going on.
1940 – Richard Pryor – Comedian/Actor, also Freebase Guy.
1944 – Bette Midler – Singer.
1949 – Pablo Escobar GaviriaColumbian Drug Baron.

Hit the Pearly Gates Maybe:
1842 – Philip Spencer – 1st US Naval Officer hanged for mutiny.
1973 – David Ben-Gurion – Founding Father of Israel.
1994 – Lionel Stander – Actor Max on “Hart to Hart”.

Stuff That Happened:
1804 – Napoleon marries Josephine.
1831 – Erie Canal closes for 1 month due to cold weather.
1878 – 1st White House telephone installed.
1891 – James Naismith creates the game of Basketball/
1917 – Boys Town is founded by Father Edward Flanagan – “There’s no such thing as a bad boy.”
1939 – Himmler begins to deport Polish Jews.
1942 – Gas rationing starts in the US.
1957 – Sam Cooke, Buddy Holly and the Crickets appear on the Ed Sullivan Show.

There's more but that’s all for today folks.

Monday, November 30, 2009


Good Morning Speakies:

Well the long holiday weekend is over and the Christmas Rush in on. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Holiday, filled with good food and cheer. For Roe and me it was a great dinner at my son’s girlfriend’s parent’s home along with lots of laughter and fun. Thank you Maryann and John for a wonderful time.

The rest of the weekend was spent doing a little house cleaning and putting up the indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations. I must say Rosemary did a great job decorating inside and I love the Christmas look and warmth it brings to the house.

The Christmas lights outside did not give me too much problem this year, only the ones around the palm trees, try not getting stuck with those needles. We did a little shopping and I feel we are off and running for the holidays. Have a great day guys and dolls and remember tomorrow is December 1 and time for daily observances and brain filling history.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Dear Speakies:

I know its only Tuesday but this will be one of my lasts posts as I plan to enjoy a long Thanksgiving weekend starting at 5 p.m. today. A little turkey on Thursday, than I proceed to start my holiday decorations around the house. Before I go I wanted to wish you all a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving. I hope you all enjoy great food, wonderful company of family and friends and a few good stiff drinks but be careful out there.

I want to extend a personal Happy Thanksgiving to my blog buddy Mack and his family. Mack enjoy the holidays. See you all next week.


Hello Speakies - Breaking news out of Oldsmar, Florida. County deputies and wildlife officials are scouring an Oldsmar neighborhood for a monkey on the loose. The monkey is approximately 30 pounds and has been seen on roofs and in treetops. Citizens are urged not to attempt any capture, this monkey can be aggressive and please do not throw any bananas his way.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Hello Speakies:

I was just thinking with the Thanksgiving and Christmas Seasons upon us, we all have memories of things we did, family traditions, things we remember or foods we ate or something so small it was a special part of the holidays for us. I’m going to write mine down so wake up those brain cells and send me yours. Let’s see if we have some of the same in common.

My grandmother’s homemade Lekvar and nut cookies.
Those different hard tack candies in the glass jar that was at everyone’s house you visited.
Every night you went out to visit or had company over your house.
A very traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner at my grandmother’s, Christmas was the favorite time of the year for my grandfather, I'll never forget his face at the table.
Breaking of the Christmas wafer before dinner.
My dad setting up the train tracks and my big American Flyer train.
Polish Midnight Mass at my church back home, candles lit, with the choir singing traditional Polish Kolendy.
Shopping downtown not at a mall.
Each of my son’s first Christmas.
Hiding their toys in the attic or bringing them over to the neighbor’s house to hide.
Remembering the night they found all the toys in the attic and we had to make up a fast excuse.
Snow on Christmas Eve.
My wife’s Christmas fish stew, the best ever.
The one Christmas Eve I was up till 4 a.m. putting together a He-Man Fort and some other space station. Well there are some of mine, take some time out and add to the list.



Had a visitor over the weekend from Uganda. Welcome Mr. or Ms. Uganda you are now a formal Speakie.


Well its Monday again Speakies, but at least it’s a short work week for most of us. Hope you guys had a great weekend, downing those brews, watching those games and eating that food. Now before the kids start hitting you with those “Daddy Do You Know” questions, Joey Z will fill you head with a little knowledge. This week we celebrate “National Teens Don’t Text and Drive Week”, HELLO nobody should do that.

The Famous Born Today:
912 – Otto I – German King, Holy Roman emperor.
1859 – Billy the Kid – Bandito.
1887 – Boris Karloff – The one and only Mr. Frankenstein.
1888 – Harpo Marx – Actor.
There were others but this is all you need to know today.

Died This Date:
1990 – Bo Diaz – Phillies catcher, crushed to death by a satellite dish.
1991 – Freddie Mercury – Lead singer of Queen of AIDS.

1835 – Henry Burden – Patents the horseshoe manufacturing machine.
1887 – Notre Dame loses its 1st football game to Michigan 8-0.
1899 – First jukebox – Palais Royal Hotel, San Francisco.
1943 – US forces seize Tarawa Atoll and Makin Island from the Japanese.
1963 – JFK’s body lay in repose in the White House.

Try to have a good day and if anything pops I’ll be back.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Hi Speakies:

I'm always talking about Trenton, NJ tomatoe pies, well this place started in Trenton, NJ and I remember going there many at times as a teenager. They later opened a stand on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights, NJ. The place is Marucca's Tomato Pies and it is a legend at the shore. If you ever visit Seaside Heights, stop in for a slice of true heaven. I'm posting a picture of a slice of their pie. To my sons feast your eyes and remember.

I would like to thank Mack for allowing me to once again use his photos.


Happy Friday Guys and Dolls:

The weekend will be upon us shortly, this evening we can raise our glasses and celebrate the following observances this weekend:

Cat Days – I’m a dog man myself.
Children’s Day – They have all the holidays covered.
Name Your PC Day – I’ve heard many called FUBAR.
World Television Day – The old Boob Tube has its day.
National Adoption Day – I wish more could be adopted easier.
Humane Society Anniversary Day – A great organization, support it if you can, every animal finds a home.

Well next week will be a short work week for most of us; Thanksgiving will be upon us and Christmas just around the corner. Whatever you do this weekend have fun, be careful but most of all love each other. Have a great weekend my friends.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hello Speakies:

Nothing much happening in good old Central Florida today, the weather is nice, the crazies are calm, it doesn't get better than this. Just wanted to drop by and say have a pleasant rest of the day and a relaxing evening. See ya tomorrow.


Happy Czwartek Speakies:

That’s Thursday in Polish and I hope it will be a happy day for you all. Today we celebrate some great holidays:

Great American Smokeout – Do try and quit you won’t be sorry, do it before it’s too late. It was too late for me 7 years ago.
World Toilet Day – What a wonderful invention by Thomas Crapper.
Have A Bad Day Day – Please don’t.
Use Less Stuff Day – Save on that toilet paper.

Let’s See Who Came Out of Mommy Today:
1600 – Charles I – King of England
1905 – Tommy Dorsey – Great Band Leader
1917 – Indira Gandhi – Indian Prime Minister
1933 – Larry King – Radio and TV Talk host
1938 – Ted Turner – Mr. TV owner
1942 – Calvin Klein – Fashion designer
1961 – Meg Ryan – OH YES, OH YES, OH YES, YES, YES

Died Today:
1887 – Emma Lazarus – US poet – “Give us your tired and poor.”

Stuff That Happened:
1493 – Columbus discovers Puerto Rico on his second voyage.
1903 – Carrie Nation attempts to address the Senate.
1959 – Ford cancels the Edsel – Bad move.
1979 – Chuck Berry released from prison on income tax evasion.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Hello Speakies:

Just heard a story out of Orlando, FL that a lawsuit is to be filed today charging that Florida has failed to adequately fund education and provide for a system of “High Quality” public schools. This in violation of the state constitution according to the papers filed. The suit charges that Florida’s education budget is inadequate and its low graduation rate and test scores prove that the public schools are not of high quality.

Before school started this year, every evening on the local news all you heard was how much the school budgets had to be cut. No more sports, no more after school activities, field trips etc. Parents constantly being urged to contribute for school supplies, teachers paying for the supplies on their own. Protests by parents and students alike begging to keep certain schools and programs open in the news everyday. School board members kept saying, “We must cut and keep cutting, we don’t have the funds.” We have a state lottery here, with the funds supposedly going to aid education, show me the money and where it goes!

County and State politicians however are always ready to put money in their pockets with contracts for new homes, offices and shopping centers. We don’t need any more houses, hotels and stores there are enough now. Ride down US192 and see all the business closed with buildings boarded up it looks like a ghost town from the Old West. Instead on renovating stadiums and building new arenas use that money towards education and new schools.

Here’s another frostbite on my butt. FCAT, educators do you want student’s grades and standards to improve? Rid Florida of FCAT and start teaching basic education. These kids are shoved that stuff down their throats for half the school year, stop it. My wife went to a store awhile ago and the poor girl working behind the counter had trouble counting to give the correct change, so my wife taught her how. Basic math, science, English start teaching it again and see how your schools will improve. Here’s another hint screen your teachers too many strange birds in the news lately. You know molesters, criminal records, even one that threatened to kill the administrator and some students. Listen to JoeyZ.

Have a nice evening Guys and Dolls and be careful out there.


Just stopping by and saying welcome to a visitor from Qatar, stop by again. You are now an official Speakie. Thanks to everyone for over 4,000 hits.


Good Morning Guys and Dolls:

Hump Day is here with Thanksgiving right around the corner. I like Thanksgiving Day, watching a little of the Macy’s Parade from NYC, a little football action, a nice turkey dinner and an afternoon nap what a life. Later in the evening a nice turkey sandwich on a dinner roll with stuffing and a sweet potato and gravy inside. The day after Thanksgiving it is time to put up the tree and outside decorations for me. Families have different traditions over Thanksgiving; feel free to tell me yours.

It is November 18th so let’s see what we celebrate today:
GIS Day – I had to stop and ask for directions.
Married to a Scorpio Support Day – Marriage must be tough there.
Mickey Mouse Day – It’s his day every day in Florida.
Push Button Phone Day

Have a great start to your day; I’ll check back later if good stuff pops up.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009



I'm posting 2 of my favorite places I use to eat at back home. One is the Casino and the other is DeLorenzo's Tomato Pies. At this point I want to make my son's mouths water. Enjoy the pictures guys. Thank you Mack for allowing me to use them from your post. Mack can vouch for the food here and I'm sure all his reader too.




Hello Speakies:

Today, JoeyZ speaks his mind on a few subjects that got under my skin yesterday and today. First of all is the criticism of our President bowing to the Chinese president. An official welcome in China is a nod or bow, President Obama showed pure diplomatic courtesy in his gesture. Now what the hell are the complaints all about? I could say ignorance of world customs but I think it is the bitterness of certain party members that lost an election and would do anything to discredit a man trying to do his job. If you went to visit the Pope, you would kiss his ring, the Queen of England a bow or curtsy would be required. If one traveled to Indonesia a simple word selamat, which means peace would do. There are more important things to worry about than criticizing a man for saying hello to another dignitary in the custom of his country. Remember if you came before Don Corleone and did not kiss his hand or ring, he’d make you an offer you could not refuse.

Driving to work today I heard this piece of news that frosted me. The lobbyists of the pharmaceutical companies have spent $24 million dollars so far in TV advertising against the healthcare proposals of Congress. Those for the plan have spent approximately $12 million dollars. What a total waste of money! You hear everyday on the world news about the shortage of the Swine Flu vaccine; with the $36 million you spent just think of the vaccines that could have been produced and saved more lives. You did not think about those in need or the little children who are vulnerable to this illness. Greed is what runs your business and not the welfare of the citizens in this country. That is why change is needed. For one minute I would not doubt the pharmaceutical companies have drugs to aid in cancer, ALS and many other diseases but are just waiting to make a bigger buck on Joe Citizen.

Strictly the views of JoeyZ. I hope to come back later with lighter thoughts in mind.


Hello Guys and Dolls:
A happy Tuesday to my readers. Today is also Homemade Bread Day so if you don’t feel like baking stop by your local bakery and pick one up. Speaking of bakeries there is a great German bakery located in Yalaha, FL, excellent breads, cakes and pastries. I’ll post the link here so if you are ever in the area while visiting Central Florida, stop in and try some of the best baked goods around.

Famous Birthday Today:
1755 – Louis XVIII – 1st post revolutionary king of France.
1907 – Lee Strasberg – Director.
1925 – Rock Hudson – Doris Day’s main squeeze.
1942 – Martin Scorsese – Director.
1944 – Danny DeVito – Short funny man.

Died This Date:
1917 – Auguste Rodin – Sculptor.
1988 – Sheilah Graham – Gossip columnist dies of a heart attack.

Stuff That Happened:
1800 – Congress held 1st session in Washington, DC.
1853 – Street signs authorized at San Francisco intersections.
1869 – Suez Canal opens.
1913 – Panama Canal opens.
1940 – Green Bay Packers become first NFL team to travel by plane.
1968 – Heidi Bowl – NBC misses Oakland Raiders comeback win.
1973 – Tricky Dick Nixon tells AP, “I’m not a Crook.”
1977 – Miss World Contest – Miss UK wears a $9,500 platinum bikini.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Happy Monday Speakies:

Hoping all of you had a great weekend, I did, a little work, a little play and a little shopping was done. Weather here this weekend was great sunny highs in the 70’s, slight breeze and it’s still going strong today. I would like to say WELCOME to a first time Speakie from Croatia. Today is International Day for Tolerance; we need that more in this country instead of the international scene. We also celebrate World Kindness Week and American Education Week.

Had to visit one of my favorite places this morning, the lab for blood work, I enjoy going there as much as shopping at Wal*Mart. Speaking of shopping Rosemary had a run-in with a surly K-Mart manager yesterday. She was looking at Thanksgiving napkins, noticing a discount sign on the display for the various items there. Picking up the napkins they turned out to cost $2.49 after a price check and not on sale. She approached this so called manager, advising him that if the napkins were not on sale they should not be on that display. Mr. Smart Butt said, “Read the Sign, Textiles Only.” Well the word textiles looked like fine print in a crooked contract so the napkins were handed back to him with a few Rosemary comments. I proceeded to the aspirin aisle only to find the ones I wanted were outdated, well Rosemary grabbed those and proceeded to find Mr. Smart Butt but instead found an apologetic manager who handled the situation with some cool. We decided right then and there our K-Mart shopping days are over.

I’m going to check out for now, may come back with a little history later or even locate some crazies. Have a great day Guys and Dolls.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Dear Speakies:

A news story from one of great waste spenders of the American Buck, you have that right it is NASA, one of my favorite targets. The spacecraft that purposely slammed into the moon has turned up evidence of water in the form of ice just beneath the surface.

I can see it now, Zephyrhills, Aquafina, Perrier and all the rest of the bottled water companies battling it out for government contracts to have the first bottled water plant on the moon. “Moon Water” cold, refreshing, naturally pure water hidden since the universe was born now available through your local stores. Maybe I should start an advertising firm and run a campaign. CHA CHING. $$$$$$$$$$$


Hello Guys and Dolls:

Happy Friday the 13th to all my Speakies and enjoy the mysteries of Friday the 13th superstitions. Watch a couple of Jason movies with some popcorn and a nice glass of wine and cuddle with the one you love. Tonight I would love to see one of my favorite horror movies, “House on the Haunted Hill”, the original one with Vincent Price. Great movie for the time period it was produced. Whatever you do tonight, have fun and be careful.

This weekend we celebrate the following observances:

Guinness World Record Day – Go out and break some records.
World Kindness Day – Let’s all try anyway.
Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day – Must of came from that movie “Stripes”, lighten up Francis.
National American Teddy Bear Day – Take the kids to one of those bear stores and make one, share the day.
World Diabetes Day – A serious problem take the test and ease your mind, it does not hurt.
America Recycles Day – Maybe for once don’t throw the cans in with the regular garbage.
I Love To Write Day – My kind of Holiday.
National Bundt Day – In honor of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” It’s a bundt, a what? a bun, no bundt bundt cake. It’s got a hole in it.

If I don’t return today, I wish you all a great weekend and have fun whatever you do.

Thursday, November 12, 2009



My blog buddy Mack is always posting photos from our home town of Trenton, NJ, in particular a great neighborhood called "The Burg". His photos are of places that bring back lots of memories to a great deal of people who lived there. My favorites are the restaurants and food, so today I'm going to play the match game with you. I'm posting the restaurant and along side the food you will find served there. So if you ever travel to the area stop in for a real feast.

DeLorenzo's Tomato Pies
matches this to eat inside

Rossi's Tavern
matches this to eat inside

Hope it made your mouth water. Have a great night Guys and Dolls, talk to you tomorrow.


Good Morning Speakies:

Received an e-mail this morning, I had my first visitor from Ireland to my blog yesterday, so “Welcome Ireland.” No important observances to mention today. The weather has turned here in Florida, highs maybe reaching 70. It is cloudy and breezy, and looks like a winter snow day from up North.

One of my favorite shows is one called Man Versus Food on the Travel Station. Last night’s visit was to Brooklyn, NY; Adam visited L & B Spumoni Gardens an Italian pizza restaurant. They are famous for their square pie, which is actually a pie we call Sicilian Pizza. Most pizza in Florida is made with tons of cheese causing the pie to be dry with hardly any sauce. There have been only a few places that actually made a pie similar to those in Jersey. Now this square pie started with the dough, a layer of Mozzarella cheese than the sauce and topped with good grated cheese and oil olive. Our mouths were watering last night. So to my readers if you are ever in Brooklyn, stop by L & B Spumoni Gardens and give it a try, the place has been around for 70 years.

Hope you all have a great start to the day, I’ll be checking for our friends the crazies or other informative news. Remember the Holidays are approaching and if you are searching for that special gift, pick up a copy of my book, “I Hate Everybody (And Other Things).” Come on Guys and Dolls, I have to promote my book on my own so spread the word out there. Thank you.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Not much happening this afternoon in not so sunny Florida. The crazies are quite so I'll take this time to wish you all a wonderful evening. Relax and enjoy.


Good Morning Guys and Dolls:

First of all I would like to thank and wish all the guys and dolls who served our country a very happy “Veteran’s Day.” Your efforts for freedom will never be forgotten. On a lighter thought that’s me too.

The weather in Florida today is cloudy with rain and storms thanks to Ida. Hoping for cooler temperatures starting tonight. We really need the rain as it is the start of the dry season. I think we have some famous birthdays and other famous events that occurred so let us take a peek.

Born This Date:
1771 – Ephraim McDowell – Surgeon pioneered abdominal surgery.
1885 – George S. Patton – General “Blood and Guts”, my Dad served under him in North Africa.
1896 – Charles “Lucky” Luciano – Everybody knows who Lucky is.
1899 – Pat O’Brien – Great actor.
1911 – King Hussein of Jordan.
1922 – Kurt Vonnegut Jr. – Author.
1925 – Jonathan Winters – One of my favorite funny men. Not all there.
1943 – Jan Adamski – Polish chess master.
1974 – Leonardo DiCaprio – Actor.

A Few Small Things That Occurred Today:
1921 – President Harding dedicates Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
1933 – “Great Black Blizzard”, 1st great dust storm in the Great Plains.
1939 – Kate Smith first sings “God Bless America.”
1959 – 1st episode of “Rocky and His Friends” airs on TV.
1969 – Jim Morrison of the Doors arrested on plane for being drunk, probably more too.

Thought for Today: “Fear is the tax that conscience pays to guilt.”

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hello Speakies:

Tropical Storm Ida struck the Mobile, Alabama Bay area late last night, I hope the damage was not severe and the residents are doing fine. The storm will bring rain to Florida and start extending northward later in the day. Be careful traveling and always keep your eyes peeled for the other guy.

Today we celebrate:
Area Code Day – I remember the good old days just a few numbers.
Marine Corps Birthday
National Young Reader’s Day

I’ll share a hospital test story with you today. This morning I had a CT Scan scheduled at our local hospital for 8:30 a.m. with an arrival time of 6:30 a.m. I knew the early arrival time was for drinking that awful stuff they call contrast prior to the test. Well I was up and at them at 4:00 a.m. shaving, brushing teeth and showering. Today was also garbage day so that went out before I left. I got all my stuff ready for work, my soup for lunch, my little ditty bag that holds all the necessities of day and with 5:30 on my watch I headed out. I arrived at the hospital at 6:00 a.m. a little early, but if I get in there’s a chance I’m out earlier. Once checking in at the reception desk, I was ready to begin my adventure. Out comes a technician with 2 bottles of a clear liquid advising me I must drink both. With stomach starting to turn I opened the first, took a swallow, not bad, no taste just like ice water, drank that one down with one more to follow. At 6:00 in the morning I rather have coffee than ice water and the second bottle was half finished and dumped. I was finally taken to the ready room as I call it, the place you receive your IV needle and finish off another bottle of wonder water. Having bad veins it was a struggle to set the IV but finally a young nurse with ice cold hands kept pounding my arm trying to find a vein. Success at last she said as she set the IV needle into my hand. Now she said, “Please drink this other bottle of contrast before the test.” I did my best but could only down a 1/2. I proceeded to the testing area and all went fine. I was happy to be on my way, looking forward to a large cup of coffee and some cookies at work.

May your day be pleasant and happy Guys and Dolls and I maybe back later if I don’t fall asleep.

Monday, November 9, 2009


OK Speakies:

Time to wake up the grey matter, let us see who was born today, died today and what made history today.

1886 – Ed Wynn comedian.
1915 – Sargent Shriver – Directed the Peace Corp.
1918 – Spiro T. Agnew 39th Vice President, also a crook.
1931 – Whitey Herzog – Baseball manager.
1932 – Carl Perkins – Mr. Blue Suede Shoes.
1934 – Carl Sagan – Author.
1935 – Bob Gibson – St. Louis Cardinals pitcher.
1951 – Lou Ferrigno – “The Hulk.”

1970 – Charles DeGaulle – French President.
1980 – Victor Sen Yung – Hop Sing from Bonanza.
1988 – John Mitchell – Former Attorney General and another crook.

Stuff that Happened:
1821 – 1st US pharmacy college holds classes in Philadelphia.
1872 – Fire destroys nearly 1,000 buildings in Boston.
1915 – Italian liner Ancona sunk by German U-Boat.
1927 – Giant Panda discovered in China.
1938 –“Kristallnacht” – Nazi storm troopers attack Jews.
1938 – Al Capp cartoonist creates Sadie Hawkins Day.
1965 – Great NYC and Northeast blackout.
1971 – John List kills family and moves to Colorado.
1984 – Vietnam Veterans Memorial of the 3 Servicemen is completed.

Here’s a thought for today: “Beauty seldom recommends one woman to another.” With that thought have a pleasant evening my guys and dolls.


Guys and Dolls:

A happy Monday to you all, hoping your weekend was filled with fun and you all rested well to begin a new week. The Iggles lost to those Dallas Cowboys last night but we get another shot at them in December. I heard from my Blog friend Mack, he is back in business after some computer failure, it’s nice to see his posts about a great section in Trenton, NJ called the “Burg.” There are some great pictures and comments from those who lived there, a great deal of history and memories. If you read my blog and are from that area check it out at

Today we celebrate World Orphans Day, wouldn’t it be nice not to have any orphans or neglected children in the world but we live in a real world where someone will always abuse a child in one way or the other. It’s a shame and all I can say is take care of the little ones and watch over them.

Well I may dig up some history for today and be back at you guys. Have a great day and be careful out there.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Good Day Again Guys and Dolls:

On Fridays I try not to bring you depressing stories out of Florida, but this one touches the funny bone. Out of Palm Bay, Florida comes the story of the “Weed Minister.” A jury yesterday found Minister Swallick guilty on all counts of manufacturing and possession of cannabis along with larceny of a utility service. The good reverend is the minister of a church called “The Hawaiian Cannabis Ministries.” Boy that name will tip off the cops in no time. He was originally raised a Catholic, but became a minister of the Universal Life Church, which will allow anyone to become a minister immediately. I wonder if I could become Reverend JoeyZ of the Church of the Holy Blog. The poor reverend admitted he used weed as food, oil for ceremonies and a thousand other uses. I bet he puffed a few too. Now he’s in jail, no bond until sentencing, the reverend is looking at 10 to 20.

They give cannabis to cancer patients, we smoked it in Nam, maybe consider making it legal on a limited basis and go after the real crime in this country, the murderers, rapists, child molesters and the other scum that walk the earth. Strictly the opinion of JoeyZ.


Happy Friday Speakies:

Well the weekend is just hours near and soon we’ll break out the beer. Speaking of beers, I tried a new one last weekend call Chang (pronounced Chong). The beer was featured on a TV show called Three Sheets. Chang is a lager beer which is brewed in Thailand and very popular in Southeast Asia and England. I purchased a case and after a few hours of fishing with my son we downed a few. It had a nice light taste and not too filling. I gave a bottle to my other son who noticed on the bottle the following, “Best if Used by 9-9-09.” What the hell it still tastes good.

This weekend we can clang our Changs to the following holidays:
Pumpkin Chunkin Days – Break out those homemade cannons.
Fala Day – Tis the Season to be Jolly.
International Tongue Twister Day
Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day – That’s a day for the Dolls.
Cook Something Bold and Pungent – Sounds strange to me.

Happy Birthdays today to:
John Phillip Sousa – That Marching Man
Ignace Jan Paderewski – Great Polish Composer and Patriot.
James A. Naismith – Inventor of Basketball.
Heinrich Himmler – Nazi SS Leader
Sally Field – Actress “The Gidget.”
Maria Shriver – Governor Arnold’s Doll.

If I don’t return to the Blog today, have a great weekend Speakies, have fun and be careful out there.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Before I sign off this afternoon thanks for stopping by the blog goes out to Cebu, Cebu City in the Philippines.


Good Day Speakies:

Well I have to say Congrats to those Damn Yankees for winning the Series. Home field is a great advantage and the Yankees used it to theirs. I’ll always be a Phillies fan no matter what place they finish in and I congratulate them for a great season. GO IGGLES.

For you Guys and Dolls planning to visit Florida later this week, the weather is turning cooler, highs will be in the upper 70”s to low 80’s and in the evenings a little dip to the 60’s. The forecast is also for fair skies. Hurricane Ida may play a part in the weather sometimes next week.

Today is National Men Make Dinner Day so for all you guys home today, get the pans out and serve a great dinner for your Doll. Pizza and beer sounds good, maybe a nice chili dog with fries. Here’s a better idea Guys, call your Doll, tell her to be ready by 7 p.m. and take her to a nice place for cocktails and dinner. People are always talking about fusion food, East meets West. Lenny Briscoe on Law and Order said it the best, “Fusion is Cheeseburger meets French Fries.”

Well if I don’t speak to you later, have a great rest of the day and evening. Always tell the ones you love, you love them and be careful out there. Tomorrow is TGIF and the weekend is one day closer.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Hello Speakies:

Just stopped by real quick to say hello and thanks to two new visitors for stopping by the blog.
Thanks to Israel and Eschborn Hesse Germany. Danke.


Good Morning Guys and Dolls:

A happy “Hump Day” to you all. Game 6 of the World Series tonight, hoping the Phillies can take 2 more from the Yankees. Today we celebrate the following observances:

National Chicken Lady Day – Could be anything related to women and chickens, I’ll let this one slide.
Use Your Common Sense Day – The world would be a better place if we all used our noodles.

Birthdays Today:
1879 – Will Rogers – American humorist.
1916 – Walter Cronkite – One of the best news anchors ever.
1918 – Art Carney – Ed Norton of the Honeymooners, “Hey Ralphie Boy.”
1931 – Darla Hood – Little Rascals cutie.
1937 – Loretta Swift – Hotlips Houlihan of M*A*S*H.
1962 – Ralph Macchio – The Karate Kid.

If I catch any crazies down here or some idiot gets my gander, I’ll be back. Have a great day gang.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009



Just a short history note on November 3, 1954, Godzilla debuts in Japan. The big guy became a movie success. Hats off to you Zilla.


Good Day Speakies:

Sorry readers a little under the weather yesterday and trying to catch up today. Phillies pulled one out last night, win or lose once you are a fan you are a fan till the end. I hope all my Guys and Dolls are doing great. I may return later time permitting. Celebrate Sandwich Day today, nice cheese steak, maybe a meatball on torpedo roll with Marinara sauce or whatever you like. Be careful out there.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Happy November Speakies:

I could not wait until Monday to wish all my Guys and Dolls a Happy November. I hoped you all remembered to turn your clocks back last night if not; you woke up an hour too early. November has some neat monthly observances so here’s a few to enjoy:

American Indian Heritage Month
Aviation History Month – Love history
Family Stories Month – I’m sure we all have a few of those stories to tell.
Lung Cancer Awareness Month – Throw them smokes away and live longer.
National Georgia Pecan Month – The nuts are rolling down the road in Georgia.
National Novel Writing Month – My next great venture.
National Peanut Butter Lovers Month – Don’t want to know what you do with that peanut butter.
National Pomegranate Month – We called them Indian Apples.

Today we celebrate:
All Saints Day
Zero Tasking Day – No tasks for me today.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


It’s a Beautiful Morning Speakies:

Congrats to the Phillies for taking Game 1 of the World Series, no bragging to be done yet, it will be a tough series and I’m hoping for a Phillies win in Game 2 tonight. They played a great game and Cliff Lee was outstanding. I’ll be there in front of the tube tonight. Say another prayer today to St. Jude. Today we celebrate Internet Day. I’m taking the day off tomorrow need to do some work around the house and I’ll celebrate Internet Day on Friday. Let’s see what observances we celebrate for the rest of the weekend.

Friday, October 30:
Devil’s Night or Mischief Night – Toilet paper everywhere!
Haunted Refrigerator Night – That’s a new one, they are waiting to rob the warm.
National Candy Corn Day – Hate that candy.
Frankenstein Friday – A true holiday honoring Boris Karloff.

Saturday, October 31:
Halloween – Big Candy holiday for the kids.
National Carmel Apple Day – My favorite.
National Knock-Knock Jokes Day

Please enjoy the weekend whatever you do. Watch out for the little ones on Halloween night and report any crazies you may see. Safety comes first for the little gremlins. GO PHILLIES and to all my Guys and Dolls be careful out there. DON’T FORGET TO SET YOUR CLOCK BACK 1 HOUR ON SATURDAY NIGHT BEFORE YOU GO TO BED. DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME ENDS.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Batter Up Speakies:

I never wrote much about baseball, I guess it’s because the Phillies are playing against the Yankees in the World Series starting tonight. I’m sure we all have memories about playing baseball, going to games or drifting off in that hammock dreaming of smacking that game winning homerun or pitching that no hitter. I have some fond memories of baseball myself. When I was a young JoeyZ we played sponge ball in the parking lot of a Food Fair after it closed for the day, too many houses around for hard ball. We bought the white sponge type balls at the local 5 & 10 cent store for 25 cents each and by the end of the game it no white cover left. We played everyday except for Saturday and Sunday. As the guys in the neighborhood got older we hiked down the road to a grass field and the hard balls came out for the real thing. When I belonged to the Boys Club we played Wiffle Ball and had set teams, one summer I had the homerun record. We even played handball, throw the ball in the air and bat it with your fist.

In the summer evenings I remember watching the Yankees play on Channel 11 from NYC. Red Barber, Mel Allen calling the play by play and all those Piels Brothers beer commercials in between. Watching the likes of Mickey, Roger, Yogi and the rest of the Yankees win and win. Most of all I remember my Dad and his friend along with his son going to those Saturday or Sunday games in Philadelphia. Driving down Roosevelt Blvd, heading to North Philly and walking to Connie Mack Stadium. To me it looked like the Roman Coliseum extending almost an entire city block. I saw the likes of Robin Roberts, Richie Ashburn, Curt Farrell and one of my favorites Chico Fernandez. I can still smell the grass and taste the steamed hotdogs. I remember the night we had tickets for a double header. It was the last 2 games of the season and Richie Ashburn beat out Roberto Clemente for the NL batting championship.

I remember seeing the joy in my son’s eyes as Roe and I took them to Veteran’s Stadium many a times for a baseball game. The proud and fond memories of seeing them play little league ball. Baseball makes some dreams come true, but for most of us it brings us great memories of times we really enjoyed. Send me your feelings or just sit back and recall your memories and share them with someone close.


Good Afternoon Guys and Dolls:

Two interesting stories off the local news here in Central Florida. The first one is out of our great capital city of Tallahassee. Our great goobenor Charlie Crist was sooooo busy he didn’t know President Obama was in Florida Monday and Tuesday. Governor Do Nothing has been so busy lately with his U.S. Senate Race and all those chief executive duties on his desk, I guess he simply forgot. To quote the governor, “Where was he yesterday?” Crist said, “First I’ve known of it.” Charlie come on, you have to follow the Washington news if you are planning to play with the big boys. After all Charlie you took that stimulus money, but since you decided to run for the U.S. Senate I guess you’ll be just like the rest of your Republican buddies, criticize, criticize and keep doing nothing for this state and its people.

The second story is out of Okeechobee, Florida. A young man (Trevor) said he was fired from his cashier’s job at The Home Depot because he wore an American flag button that read, “One Nation under God, indivisible.” He was wearing the button for 19 months in his support of the American troops; it was never an issue until he started showing up with a Bible at work. The Home Depot said it has a strict dress code and does not allow outside material to be worn. Home Depot you should have told young Mr. Trevor about the policy when he started wearing the button. Now Trevor, the Bible is a little too much. If you want to bring your Bible, leave it in the car and read it lunch time. The work place and pushing religion does not mix well, there are always conflicts. Keep religion in your car, at home or at your church. I can truly say this is a battle of Corporate America versus Bible belt beliefs. Good Luck to all.

Strictly the views of JoeyZ.


Happy Hump Day Speakies:

The World Series starts tonight at 7:30 from Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. I’m hoping those Phillies can grab Game 1. According to the press the Phils are the underdogs in the series. We have a good sign working for us for today is St. Jude’s Day. The Armenian Apostolic Church honors St. Jude along with Saint Bartholomew as its patron saints. In the Roman Catholic Church he is the patron saint of desperate cases and lost causes. So come on Phillies and sweep them Yankees in New York.

We also celebrate National Chocolates Day. So all you chocolate lovers out there hit the candy stores and enjoy. I’m still looking for those old time watermelon slices, the ones with the coconut favor on the outside, not the jelly type. If any of my Guys and Dolls has a name of a place to check for them, let me know, submit a comment. I will probably be back later with some more news or birthdays etc. Have a great day, be careful out there and respect each other.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Good Afternoon Speakies:

No violent act for this crazy but a funny incident instead occurring on the Florida Turnpike. A tour bus driver called authorities after a female passenger began removing her clothes while putting on a strip show for the others aboard. Seems this group of passengers were returning from a Budweiser Cruise on a tour bus. The poor driver thought the situation could get ugly so he contacted the authorities. State troopers arrived, gave a verbal warning and no arrests were made. The final destination of the bus not made public. My personal guess about the female stripper is she probably had more beers than teeth.


Good Morning Guys and Dolls:

A Happy Tuesday to all. We have a great holiday to celebrate today, “Cranky Co-Workers Day.” You can bet I’m going to be cranky all day long, making life miserable for all my co-workers. I’m going to get cranking at NASA right now. This morning at Cape Canaveral the NASA big wigs are awaiting the launch of the Aries IX Rocket. Hoping for a 3 minute ride and costing the American public $400 million, NASA is looking to save their butts. We can use that money for healthcare and the needs of the American people who have been out of work and are struggling everyday. This rocket project has cost American taxpayers according to the local news $7 Billion so far. I told you before the aliens out there don’t want us near them given our track record on earth. I’ll be back later and crankier. Have a nice day Speakies.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Good Afternoon Guys and Dolls:

Time for a little history lesson for Monday, October 26, 2009. Fill that grey matter with the following knowledge:

Born Unto Us This Date:
1855 – Charles Post – The cereal man.
1879 – Leon Trotsky – Famous Russian Revolutionary.
1910 – John Cardinal Krol – Former Archbishop of Philadelphia.
1914 – Jackie Coogan – Uncle Fester.
1917 – Felix the Cat – Cartoon Character.
1946 – Pat Sajak – That Wheel of Fortune Guy.
1947 – Hillary Rodham Clinton – Bill’s Girl.
1954 – Lauren Tewes – Julie of Love Boat Fame.

Passed On Today:
901 – King Alfred the Great. – Of What I Don’t Know.
1909 – Prince Ito of Japan – Assassinated by a Korean.
1984 – Sue Randall – Miss Landers on Leave It To Beaver

Happened Today:
1774 – First Continental Congress adjourns in Philadelphia.
1825 – Erie Canal opened.
1881 – Shootout at the OK Corral in Tombstone, AZ, Earps win.
1887 – Detroit (NL) beats St. Louis (AA) 10 games to 5 in the World Series.
1941 – U.S. Saving Bonds go on sale.
1949 – President Truman increases minimum wage from 40 cents to 75 cents an hour.
1951 – Rocky Marciano defeats Joe Louis at Madison Square Garden.
1958 – PanAm flies the 1st transatlantic jet trip NY to Paris.
1964 – Rolling Stones appear on Ed Sullivan. Lots of money for Ed, a really BIG SHOWWWWWWWWWW.
1976 – Trinidad and Tobago becomes a republic.
1988 – Donald Trump bills Mike Tyson $2,000,000 for 4 month advisory service – Tyson threatens to bite ear.