St. Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine, Florida
May 24, 2013


We adopted Luee from the Humane Society in 1996. He was 2 years old, but still a pup. He has slowed down a bit; his age is catching up to him. He is the best dog anyone could ever have. Luee had to be put to sleep on April 15, 2009. Rest in Peace Pup.

Christmas Eve 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

NINA HULA 7/28/2012

NINA HULA 7/28/2012

Jeff, Sam, Nina and Ian

Jeff, Sam, Nina and Ian
Ian's Graduation from Kindergarten

Luck Be A Lady

Luck Be A Lady

Little GQ 12/12

Little GQ 12/12

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

Joey and Elizabeth

Joey and Elizabeth

Nina June 2013

Nina June 2013

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Happy Last Day of September Speakies:

Remember yesterday when I posted on a rainy day I could go for Chicken Soup or Chili, Roe made Chicken Soup and than read my post. She called me laughing and said we have ESP. Let me tell you the soup was great, thanks Honey for making it. Well the rain never came it skirted Florida and headed out east, I think maybe the Florida Keys and South Florida did get some rain. The temperatures will be going down to the 80’s this afternoon as a cold front will make its arrival. So there you have it the soup and weather for today.

Well the dentist visit this morning wasn’t too bad and the big open mouth did not get too tired. No cavities to report and the good news see you in six months the words I like to hear.

I watched the second part of Ken Burns “The Tenth Inning” last night and was a little disappointed. Most of the second part was devoted to the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankee playoffs and their rivalry. The second hour was devoted to Barry Bonds and the rest of the drug taking, big paid ball players and what they did to the game. I would have rather seen more nostalgic information about the game; however don’t get me wrong it was a good documentary but not as great as his first program called “When It Was a Game.”

In this morning’s paper Roe spotted a flyer for a new Italian restaurant here in Central Florida, we may have to give it a try however I saw no pizza advertised in this flyer and remember we are still searching for that tomato pie down here. Speaking of food I had a very nice lunch yesterday with some of my co-workers celebrating a special someone’s birthday. We had a lot of laughs, good appetizers but I have to say I had the same sandwich as I did the first time I visited this place, this time it wasn’t as good. The company and laughs made up for that.

I’d like to wish Happy Birthday and Anniversary wishes to all my Speakies celebrating theirs today. Have a great day and evening Guys and Dolls. See you later if anything should pop up here or in the morning. Remember tomorrow is Friday that work day we love.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Happy Wednesday Speakies:

I guess all you NY Yankee fans are happy today, they made it into the playoffs. I think it’s going to be a rough road to win the pennant this year a lot of good teams seem to be making the initial round. I watched that special on PBS last night about baseball very good, part two is on tonight. In one segment they showed this little boy in the Dominican Republic playing baseball with a piece of wood with a carved out handle as a bat. Those kids play every day in hopes of getting into the professional level even if it is the minor leagues. Roe and I visited the Dominican Republic on a cruise and one could see baseball fields everywhere and tons of kids playing baseball. I guess desperation to make a better life is a fire that burns within each of those kids.

Tons of rain yesterday in Florida with more on the way today. Tropical Depression 16 right now is 110 miles south of Marathon Key and moving north. Some areas along the eastern coast received as much as 7 inches of rain yesterday, flooding is possible today. That’s the latest on Florida weather. So to the tourists visiting the Sunshine State you are going to get wet till Friday.

My son told me of another Philadelphia Cheese Steak and Hoagie joint in Orlando called Briantos, going to have to give it a try and file my full report in the near future. They are listed on the web so check them out if you are planning to visit the Orlando area.

With this rainy weather I could go for two meals I love, Chicken Soup and Chili. Roe makes a great chicken soup and surprises me with the type of noodles she puts in, I never know what they will be but the flavor and taste is a true chicken delight. I call her chili “The Man’s Chili” she makes it with potatoes and various other ingredients turning the chili into a spicy dish.

I’m going out to lunch today to celebrate a co-worker’s birthday and I have to think of what I want to eat, so have a great day Speakies and be careful out there.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Hello Speakies:

Just wanted to remind those baseball fans who read my blog that "The Tenth Inning" a two-part documentary film by Ken Burns premieres on PBS September 28 & 29 at 8 p.m. ET. Hey Fans that's tonight. Ken Burns has made some great documentary films which included When It Was A Game and The Civil War. So if you are a fan of baseball I think the series will be a good one.


Hello Guys and Dolls:

JoeyZ here with a news story that will make you chuckle, it did me. On Saturday a local music store had a man dressed as Elmo for promotional purposes. Another man entered the store and thought Elmo was a threat and a struggle ensued. The assailant suffered broken fingers as a result of fighting with the Red Man and was arrested, police stated he probably was suffering from emotional distress. I can agree with that, who wants to be known for getting their ass kicked by ELMO.

Only in the Sunshine State, the crazies are back.


Good Morning Speakies:

First of all a big “CONGRATS TO THOSE PHILLIES” winning their fourth consecutive National League East Pennant. I bet Harry Kalas up there in heaven was calling the game with Richie Ashburn to all those departed Phillies fans. I can just hear Harry say, “Halladay delivers, Strike 3, He struck him out, Phillies are National League East Champions Whitey.” They were a great baseball play by play team. I wish the Phils the best of luck in the playoffs and I hope they bring another World Series Pennant to Philly.

Living in Florida you get to see some neat things, like from our back yard we can see the Space Shuttle lift-off from Cape Canaveral. Last night on the local news they said you can observe the Space Station at 6:45 a.m. heading in a Northeast direction. As I was getting ready for work I remembered so I ventured outside about 6:45 on the dot and low and behold I spotted the old station zipping along. It looked like a bright white star heading northeast. I wanted to play that oldie record “Telstar” by the Tornados to the whole neighborhood and wake their butts up. Pretty neat I said to myself makes up for all those times they said to watch for the various meteor showers and when I went outside, the night sky was so cloudy you could not even see the moon.

Sorry had to break from my thoughts; I just received a call from my dentist’s office reminding me of my cleaning appointment on Thursday. I like the feel of clean white teeth, but man I can’t keep my mouth open wide that long. I know I have a big mouth but Lord have mercy on my jaw.

A few Happy Birthdays go out today to:

Arnold Stang that Top Cat Guy.
Ed Sullivan – We have a Really Big Show Tonight.
Al Capp – That Li’l Abner Cartoon Guy.

And if it’s your Birthday today have a great one from JoeyZ. To the rest of my Speakies have a great day and be careful out there. I leave you with that song "Telstar" for your listening pleasure a true oldie but goodie.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Good Morning Speakies:

Monday is upon us again, but I hope you all had a nice weekend. Phillies had one good game and the Boids did a fine job on Sunday here in Jacksonville, FL beating up those Jags. I’m not a big fan of any Florida teams Pro or College; I guess it’s because of my loyalty to those Philadelphia teams. You grew up watching them, losing and winning with them. You booed them and loved them at the same time and never turned your back on them throughout the years. So much for the Knute Rockne comments.

We celebrate a very unusual holiday today, “CRUSH A CAN DAY.” I’m wondering if it’s in honor of John Belushi from the film Animal House when he crushes beer cans on his head trying to make Kent Dorfman happy. This holiday really has to do about recycling, so if you practice the art today is a day for you. Me, I’ll go with John Belushi.

I’ve got a busy day going here so I’ll bid you all goodbye for now. Enjoy the day and evening.


Hi Guys and Dolls:

I wanted to make a special post of “THANK YOU” to my Blog Buddy Mack of Mack’s Truck of Wisdom for his post about my book and a very nice testimonial from Noel who read the book, truly enjoyed it and suggested a follow-up. I appreciate the post and the comments guys, thanks again. And by the way if you are from the Trenton, NJ area, read Mack’s Blog the link is located on my blog site. Great stories and pictures of a great neighborhood in Trenton that will live in our hearts forever.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Happy Friday Speakies:

Sorry I did not post yesterday, I had a doctor visit to attend to and then lunch with my beautiful Roe another great cheese steak sandwich at LaSpada’s in Orlando, if you are in the area gotta try it. I hope all of you had a pleasant Thursday and guess what now it is Friday and the weekend awaits us.

We have a few celebrations this weekend:

Bullwinkle debut on TV or should I say Bullwinkle J. Moose, loved that show.
Especially with Boris and Natasha. Most of the people who did the voices on Rocky and Bullwinkle have passed on but will live on in the memory of those who watched the show.

National Pancake Day – I haven’t had pancakes in years for breakfast I’m more of an eggs and bacon guy and of course those home fries. So if you are a pancake lover have some this weekend.

Finally we celebrate One Hit Wonder Day – all those one time only hit songs. I found a great site called One-Hit-Wonders on the net, check out all the songs and artists that made it only once.

Go Phillies and Eagles this weekend.

Well Gang have a great weekend and Happy Birthday and Anniversary wishes to all my Guys and Dolls who will celebrate them this weekend. Most of all be careful out there and have a good time.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hello Speakies:

I thought I was done writing for today but of course looking at the news up pops a story to get my gander going. The Board of Education is considering banning sugary drinks including chocolate milk. OK I can see soda being considered but chocolate milk. One can have low-fat chocolate milk but banning chocolate milk period is just another Florida political dumbass idea. These boobs are afraid of the kids becoming obese but yet they are the same ones that took away physical education in most of the schools. Go figure it Speakies. What is next O’Great Board of Education?

This is just another opinion of JoeyZ.


Good Morning Guys and Dolls:

Happy Hump Day Gang and on this day we celebrate National White Chocolate Day. I like chocolate but my favorite is dark chocolate which comes with age. Yet I remember when I was a little JoeyZ I loved those white chocolate Easter Bunnies. I can still envision myself snapping off those bunny ears and tasting that smooth chocolate melt in my mouth. It was good to be a kid. Kit Kat makes a good white chocolate bar; I had it one time and remember it being very tasty.

My Phillies came through again last night with a 5 to 3 victory over the Braves. Just one more tonight guys and keep up the heat all next week and win another pennant.

We watched another new show on the tube last night DETROIT 1-8-7. Good police show, nice action, humor and with human interest in the characters portrayed. I watched the show because I like Michael Imperioli as an actor; he always plays a character I like. I guess I always was a detective or police show junkie from way back. I think I’ll name some of my favorites and you guys and dolls can list yours also, so here we go:

Dragnet with Jack Webb, “Just the Facts.”
77 Sunset Strip with Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Roger Smith and Kookie Byrnes.
The Streets of San Francisco with Karl Malden and Michael Douglas.
Ironside with that Perry Mason guy Raymond Burr.
Criminal Minds – one of the best shows I think on TV.
The Untouchables
Hill Street Blues
Columbo – “Just one more thing, one more Sir.”
Law and Order - Lenny Briscoe my man.
Kojak – “Who Loves Ya Baby.”
Crime Story, Remington Steele and one of the best shows ever on TV, the US version of "Life on Mars" just to name a few.
Here are two actors I like playing cops or criminals Joe Mantegna and Harvey Keitel. OK now it’s your turn to fill in more blanks. Now I leave you with a little theme from the Streets of San Francisco.

Have a great day and evening Speakies, I’ll be back on Friday with my weekend wishes. Be careful out there.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Happy Tuesday Speakies:

Hoping you all had a great evening last night. As for the JoeyZ household, some local yokel construction crew hit the main water line yesterday so we had no water until after 9 p.m. Bathroom moments were tough but we pulled through. One of our favorite shows debut last night, "CHUCK" was good as ever. I was also keeping tabs on those Phillies, great victory over the Braves last night 3 to 1. There is no such thing as America’s Team that goes for the Braves and the Dallas Cowboys. That’s just another little thing that ticks the old kid off. We also caught that new Hawaii Five O show; it was pretty good little more violent than the original but the cast of characters are very good. JoeyZ recommends this show to be watched. Bookem Dan O.

Today we celebrate National Miniature Golf Day or as I always called it Putt-Putt. I use to love playing it on the boardwalk down at Wildwood NJ. We have a bunch of miniature golf courses here in Central Florida so for all you want to be professional golfers get out today and play a round. If you want to really look cool dress up like Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack and bring your own beer bag.

Today is also the last day of summer but in Florida one never knows when summer ends. Temperatures will be in the 90’s all week long, but the evenings have been nice and cool with a great breeze blowing. For those planning to visit, this is probably one of the nicest times to plan your vacation, kids are in school, crowds are fewer at the attractions but the crazies are still on the roads so be careful.

A little trivia and birthday wishes now, let’s say Happy Birthday to Stephen King that great horror writer and crazy Bill Murray that Ghostbuster Guy.
Finally on this date in 1948 Uncle Miltie Berle debut on TV on the Texaco Star Theater.

Have a great day Speakies and be careful out there.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Good Morning Speakies:

Another Monday is upon us Guys and Dolls and there is nothing we can do about it. Hoping you all had a great weekend. Roe and I celebrated our son’s birthday along with his fiancĂ©e and her family at a nice little Italian restaurant on Saturday. I can still remember him just being born, it seems like yesterday, kids grow up too fast. I also learned my other son Jeff was promoted Friday at his job, congrats my boy, proud of you. I guess you can say I had a great weekend.

Now I’m going to attack some things that are starting to tick me off. Not major things but those little annoying bugaboos. I’m going to make a list you may even agree with me and you can also comment at any time so don’t be afraid to post a comment this is a Speakeasy and that’s what we do here “Speak at Ease.”

One of my first peeves is when I open up a local news station on the internet up comes these pop-ups for lawyers, car dealers etc. “GET THEM OFF THE INTERNET.” I want to read the news and breaking stories not advertisements that go up and down.

Go to those stores like Wal-Mart, Target etc. and when you are ready to checkout they only have 2 checkout lanes open and than you have some lady in front of you with a hundred coupons. ARRGG.

Listen up here shopping centers get more Handicap Parking Spaces. Put them up in front of the various stores and watch for those idiots who do not have a sticker or plate and just park there for the hell of it. Here is an idea have a handicap monitoring patrol to watch for those sneaks who park illegally. Equip these people with radios to call the local police who patrol the parking lots and have them ticket those creeps. You also will be hiring people who need work and help the economy.

Now Roe and I have breathing problems. I use to smoke for many years and I know that’s what caused my problems, Roe is a different story. We both hate people standing in front of doorways at stores or restaurants blowing smoke in your face as you enter. Put those ashtrays or should I say asstrays far away from the entrances. Better yet post a sign “Take Your Butts Elsewhere.”
Cigar Bars, what yuppie came up with that idea? Cigars stink period. That’s my feeling about the subject. As far as Cigar Bars go they are places for guys who wish they could be “THE MOST INTERESTING MAN IN THE WORLD.” as they puff away and sip their brandies. You want a cigar bar go to Cuba.

I like to watch household shows but one thing that is really starting to piss me off is when a couple is looking for a new home and the hubby says, “He wants a “MAN CAVE.” All these guys want is a little play room they did not have as a kid. Find a new home with a big tree outside and build yourself a tree house Neanderthal there’s your man cave.

Well that’s enough for me today. Just a little humor and sarcasm to start a Monday off in the right direction. Have a great day and remember CHUCK STARTS TONIGHT ON TV.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Happy Friday Guys and Dolls:

Friday is here and the weekend is near. Looks like a nice sunny weekend in store for Central Florida, highs in the low 90’s with plenty of sunshine and little or no chance of rain.

I’m making this post a quick one today to wish all of you a great weekend. May all your plans come about with blue skies above.


Have a Great Weekend Everybody.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Hello Speakies:

One day closer to Friday the sun is shinning here and I hope all is fine with you. I read one day this weekend we celebrate “Wife Appreciation Day.” I know I’m grateful for Roe, she has been my strength for 32 years and I love her very much. We have had our times of fights and disagreements but I would not trade my life with her for anything in the world. Thanks Honey for all you do and forgive me for the times I did not acknowledge them. I Love You very much and please know to me “YOU ARE APPRECIATED AND LOVED.” P.S. You know I can be a pain in the A--.

And now for a favorite snack of mine “ POTATO CHIPS.” Potato chips to me are like peanuts to an elephant I just can not eat one. I like a lot of different chips but my favorite is a Target Brand called Buffalo Wing Chips, they are crunchy, BBQ flavored and a bit on the hot side and oh so good. When I was growing up there was Wise Potato Chips one of my favorites still today, a nice little greasy taste and they always had a few of those burned ones in the bag that I hunted for. Roe loves the chips that are folded, every time I find some they are hers.

There was a brand that was a real treat that came in a can called Charles Chips. I consider them the royalty of potato chips for they were delivered. I could not wait for the delivery man to come; it was like Santa arriving at Christmas. The empty can made a nice drum afterwards and drove my mother crazy. There are so many brands and flavors to choose from now-a-days everyone must have their favorites. I like plain, ripple, dip, BBQ, Buffalo Wing, Lightly Salted, Salt and Vinegar and Sour Cream and Chives just to name a few.

A friend I work with sent me a case of assorted Utz’s Potato Chips when I was sick years ago to cheer me up and what delicious tasting chips they were. One of the bags was Shrimp flavored unusual but good. I know Philly fans have their Herr’s Chips to make them happy. Here in Florida there was a brand that I had a few years ago but they are hard to find, called Bull’s Chips. They only came in 2 flavors plain and BBQ. Hard and crunchy with a bold taste each. Now my future daughter-in-law has the same desire for chips as I do and when she comes over I break out the old chips to munch on.

So Speakies I’m asking you to send me a list of your favorite chips or of a brand you prefer. Have a great day and remember just chip away today and be careful out there.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Happy Hump Day Guys and Dolls:

Hoping you all had a pleasant evening and will enjoy today and live life to the fullest. Last night Roe and I attended a social dinner at Olive Garden for her Sheriff’s Citizens Alumni Association. We both love the Pasta e Fagioli soup, nice and hearty but what to have for dinner was a tough choice. I like Veal Parm but they don’t make that dish at the Olive Gardens here. I’ll tell you my dinner choice later in this blog, keep you guessing for a few minutes.

Today is the anniversary of the TV premier of the Lone Ranger back in 1949. As kids in those days we did not have many TV heroes like today’s kids. Let me see if I can remember some:

The Lone Ranger and Tonto – Hi Ho Silver
Zorro – The Fox
Gene Autry
Roy Rogers and Dale Evans – Was not really a big fan of Old Roy.
Sky King – Out of the desert sky comes Sky King.
Hopalong Cassidy – Can’t remember too much about Hoppy except for that big hat he wore.
Sgt. Preston of the Yukon – Always got his man.
The Cisco Kid and Pancho – OH Pancho, OH Cisco.
Wyatt Earp
Ramar of the Jungle (My Old Time Favorite), just to name a few.

Then as I started to grow a little older came James Bond, Matt Helm and Our Man Flint movies. On TV we had the Man from UNCLE, I Spy, 77 Sunset Strip, Hawaiian Eye, Have Gun Will Travel, Gunsmoke, Bonanza and too many others to mention. To me those were my kind of hero shows.

Suppose you could be a hero, what would you be and what would be your name? Pretend, just like Dom DeLuise as Captain Chaos in the Cannonball Run movies. I gave this a long thought and I’d like to be:

“LANCE LARSON, MAN OF MYSTERY”, of what kind of mystery I don’t know. Well Speakies don’t be ashamed send me your hero name. Until then Lance Larson over and out.

By the way my dinner choice was the never ending pasta bowl and I chose Angel Hair with Marinara sauce, I have lunch now also as the pig in me ate 2 bowls of soup. Roe picked her favorite, Eggplant Parm with a side of fettucini in garlic butter sauce and mushrooms. Have a great day Guys and Dolls and be careful out there.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Good Morning Guys and Dolls:

Today we celebrate “National Cream-Filled Donut Day.” That’s right Speakies get out there, leave your desks or whatever you are doing, rush down to your local bakery (I wish we had one of those here) or hit those Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme joints and grab some cream filled donuts and a cup of coffee. Now I prefer the white cream not the custard cream in a donut. Back in my home town there was a small bakery that made a tube shaped donut filled with white cream. They called them finger cakes and they were covered with powdered sugar, HMMMM SO GOOD. I use to run down there on Saturday mornings and pick them up for my mom along with other goodies one can only dream of now. There was even a little Jewish deli that carried fresh donuts and rolls on Sunday morning’s right after church I’d run in there and pick out a donut or a fresh hard round roll to have with a cup of coffee.

I’m not eating donuts that much now a days but the thoughts bring back the smell and taste that I remember so well. So for the rest of you Speakies get out there and get those donuts.

I’m going to try and mention some commercials this week that I can’t stand and some that I like. If you are reading my blog tell me your most hated and liked commercials. Here are a few of my favorites, the two birds watching people bang into glass doors and laughing, their laugh brings a chuckle to me. Another favorite is an oldie about the wife showing off her closet to her friends and her husband with the beer closet, that one is a riot with all that screaming. The mop commercial has to go no more Baby Come Back, its Baby Be Gone Forever. Hate that little Zoom Zoom Kid too. I’ll be back with more later this week. So for now enjoy donuts and have a great day.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Good Day Speakies:

Monday is upon us once again and there is nothing we can do or say. Hoping you all had a great weekend. Lots of football on the tube college and pro a plenty. I watched the Giant’s game, their new stadium is a sight to see and Jimmy Hoffa is not buried under this one. The Eagles played a good game at the end almost pulling it out, dear old Andy Reid may have a quarterback issue to contend with. Last night I watched a little of the Redskins game and old Donovan was not that impressive. It’s early in the season and we must see what happens down the line.

It maybe time to once again pick on commercials they are becoming stupid as brought to my attention by Skip. He commented on the bacon and cheese between 2 pieces of chicken and no bread. I’m going to watch the tube more carefully and start picking out the losers once again for your enjoyment.

Nothing is popping here in the state of Florida except for the same old news of Reverend Crazy and the Koran, Casey Anthony dragging out her trial, all those teachers fooling around with minors and most of all those certified weathermen planning out your day with weather reports every 5 minutes on the news.

Have a great day and evening, see you soon.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Good Friday Morning Guys and Dolls:

Friday is here and the sun is shinning brightly in Central Florida, but not for long showers are scheduled in this afternoon and the temps will be rising to the mid 90’s all weekend long.

The big question here tomorrow is will Reverend (if you can call him that) Idiot burn the Korans or is it just a publicity stunt? Stay tuned to your local news for coverage and see the idiots who live in Florida before your very eyes.

Pro Football started last night and JoeyZ did catch a few minutes of the game, the full schedule begins Sunday afternoon. Go Eagles. This weekend we also celebrate “STAND UP TO CANCER WEEKEND”, remember those who have suffered with this disease and contribute if you can to this worthy cause.

Just wanted to stop by say hello and wish you all a great weekend. Have a great day and be careful out there. See Ya Soon.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Good Morning Guys and Dolls:

Welcome to a Thursday, that day before Friday or if you are planning a day off from work on Friday, today is your Friday. The weather here in Central Florida has been nice and sunny and still with highs in the lower 90’s. I’ve had enough of the extreme heat and I’m waiting for those upper 70’s and low 80’s to arrive. That’s fall temperatures here like it or not.

I was thinking of character actors last night, you see them in a number of movies but can’t remember their names. I was thinking of a few of my favorites so I’m listing them below for you readers to check out on one of the movie net sites and say “yes that’s who he or she is”:

Preston Foster, Lloyd Nolan, Richard Conte, Richard Jaeckle, Lionel Stander (he played Max in the TV show Hart to Hart) they all played in Guadalcanal Diary one of my favorite war movies. William Bendix also starred in this movie plus in various other World War II movies usually just as a Sad Sack soldier. He played lead role in the TV show “The Life of Riley” in the 1950’s. What made me think of him was in the movie Guadalcanal Diary where the soldiers were talking about things they would be doing on a Sunday if they were home. Bendix says, “I’d be out at Ebbets Field watching them Bums play” and Lloyd Nolan replies, “Bums they is.” Just great actors and great lines that will always be remembered.

We had Sydney Greenstreet, Paul Henreid and Peter Lorre starring in Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart along with one of my favorites Claude Rains who starred as that great Captain Renault. Rains also starred in various movies with Errol Flynn and other great character actors such as Alan Hale, S.Z. Sakall, Eugene Pallette, Una O'Connor and Basil Rathbone.

Let’s not forget to mention a few more recent actors Yaphet Kotto, Vincent Schiavella, Walter Brennan, Wilford Brimley, Elisha Cook, Jr., John Rhys-Davies, Dan Hedaya, Charles Durning, Roland Young and the late John Vernon.

So check the faces with the names I have given and you’ll say, “I remember him or her.” Have a great day Speakies.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Happy Hump Day Speakies:

Welcome to another Wednesday, this week may go by fast due to that holiday on Monday or it could drag butt too only time will tell. Happy Birthday to all my Guys and Dolls celebrating theirs today. It is also the birthdays of two funny men Sid Caesar and Peter Sellers, also a great country singer Patsy Cline.

Sid Caesar was one funny comedian originally appearing in Your Show of Shows, he appeared in History of the World Part I and one of my favorite movies “It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World.” What can you say about Peters Sellers, the one and only “Inspector Clouseau” that bumbling French detective. Patsy Cline a great country singer who lost her life too soon. Roe told me she played at the lounge in the White Horse Bowling Alley in Trenton, NJ when famous names played there back in the 50’s and early 60’s.

The TV series “Star Trek”, premiered on television this date in 1966 and Frank Sinatra made his radio debut in 1935 with the Hoboken Four. We also celebrate National Potato Month in September. I love potatoes, French Fries, Mashed, Baked, Scalloped, Diced and my favorite Fried Potatoes with onions. My dad did not cook much but I remember him making a mean batch of fried potatoes and onions. I remember having those with slices of pork roll and pork and beans, there was a real rootin tootin meal for you. I guess Dad did not want to cook much as he was a cook in the Army during WWII and probably had enough of that overseas.

I would like to wish my Jewish readers holiday wishes on the beginning of Rosh Hashanah at sundown this evening. To the rest of my readers have a great day and be careful out there.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Happy Tuesday After Labor Day Speakies:

Sure hope most of you enjoyed the 3-Day Weekend, got enough rest and is ready to start the new week. A very important holiday today. Today is: “SALAMI DAY”, that day to honor that great Italian lunch meat we all love. I prefer Hard Salami over Genoa and my favorite salami sandwich is on a fresh, crisp, round hard roll with Provolone Cheese and Spicy Brown Mustard and I mean lots of mustard. A side order of a Kosher Pickle and Chips top off my meal and maybe a little potato salad.

Speaking of potato salad my Grandma O. made the best, the potatoes were soft the dressing delicious, fine chopped celery another great creation feat by grandma. My mother also made a good potato salad, but I have to give the edge to granny. Speaking of these various side dishes we have with sandwiches or light lunch stuff like a piece of chicken I miss a good cole slaw. I have to say it again both granny and mom made good slaw. Their slaw was finely chopped and not the stringy kind you would find prepacked in a deli or grocery store. Those recipes are gone for good and only my closed eyes can dream of eating them again.

Send me your comments on your favorite salami sandwich and how you like it prepared with any side dishes that are your favorites. That’s it for now, have a great day and evening and remember tomorrow is already “HUMP DAY."

Friday, September 3, 2010



Thursday, September 2, 2010


Happy Thursday Guys and Dolls:

I said that I was not going to write until after Labor Day but I thought I would share an interesting fact with my readers today. I saw an article on the net that this week in 1959, Bobby Darin a hit record called “Mack the Knife.” The song was about a mass murderer and at the time the song was being banned by a radio station in NYC due to a series of teenage stabbings. Now Bobby Darin is one of my favorite singers so I decided to look up the lyrics to Mack the Knife and found this interesting lyric. Now it’s not the exact lyric but the names struck me.

“Jenny Diver, Sukey Tawdry, Lotte Lenya and old Lucy Brown”.

The name Lotte Lenya struck me, I just saw that name somewhere and it was going to drive me crazy if I did not find out who she was. Lotte Lenya was born Karoline Wilhelmine Charlotte Blaumauer in 1898. She was a singer, dancer and actress but us James Bond fans we know her and this is where I saw the name, Lotte played Rosa Klebb in “From Russia with Love.” The little old mean SPECTER agent with the poison dart in her shoe. The movie was just on TV Sunday and I watched it.

There you go Speakies an interesting fact from JoeyZ. Now to all my Speakies in the path of Hurricane Earl, take heed, shelter and stay loose. Hurricanes are not fun, we went through 3 in one year here. Be careful out there and to you all have a great Labor Day Weekend. See ya soon.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Happy Hump Day Speakies:

Another restaurant review is now coming your way. After a visit to have my pacemaker checked yesterday, Roe and I visited “BRICK AND FIRE PIZZA & PASTA PARLOR.” This restaurant is located at 1621 South Orange Ave. in Orlando, FL. They have various daily lunch specials but we opted for the 2 slices of pizza and a drink. Yesterday was 4 Mushroom Pizza however we decided on the Pepperoni instead. You go up and get a cup and fill it with whatever soda or iced tea you desire, come back and wait for lunch. Drinks are all refillable at no extra charge. Out came our slices which were large, hot and looked good enough to eat. The crust was crispy, the pepperoni grease running down as you picked up the slice for the first bite and the crust nice and crunchy. The pepperoni slices were large and had a great taste. We could only finish one slice so dinner last night was pepperoni pizza for us both.

Rosemary spied on the other dishes being carted out and the spaghetti bowls were filled to the top and each one looked delicious. All in all the pizza was good but if you are going to order the 2 Slice Special, take a look at the pricing of the whole pizza’s for a few dollars more or less you can get a whole pie. Nice clean place to eat, friendly staff and JoeyZ recommends it if you are in the downtown Orlando area. BRICK AND FIRE GETS A 3 PEPPERONI FROM JOEYZ.

Well the coast of Florida is expecting 10 foot waves from Hurricane Earl starting this afternoon with fast rip currents, if you are visiting and down at the beach be careful, those rippers will rip you right out to the Caribbean. You surfers take heed also.

Labor Day Weekend is approaching and I may take a break from writing till after Monday, so if you see no posts, JoeyZ is taking a Labor Break. Have a great weekend, enjoy the holiday and be careful out there.