St. Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine, Florida
May 24, 2013


We adopted Luee from the Humane Society in 1996. He was 2 years old, but still a pup. He has slowed down a bit; his age is catching up to him. He is the best dog anyone could ever have. Luee had to be put to sleep on April 15, 2009. Rest in Peace Pup.

Christmas Eve 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

NINA HULA 7/28/2012

NINA HULA 7/28/2012

Jeff, Sam, Nina and Ian

Jeff, Sam, Nina and Ian
Ian's Graduation from Kindergarten

Luck Be A Lady

Luck Be A Lady

Little GQ 12/12

Little GQ 12/12

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

Joey and Elizabeth

Joey and Elizabeth

Nina June 2013

Nina June 2013

Friday, August 16, 2013

Weekend wishes

Just stopping by to wish everyone a safe and happy weekend. Enjoy and I'll be back Monday with a recap of my weekend.

    Son of Zippy

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Blah Blah Blah

Hello Speakies!! I hope everyone is doing ok and hanging in there. The work week is almost over for most of us. I know since my schedule changed I have been making the most of my weekends spending as much time out of the house and doing things with Wifey. Right now we are trying to plan our anniversary trip for Oct. We are both on the same page, we would like to spend a few days in Vegas and then maybe a few days in various parts of California. The planning process is always the most pain in the @ss part of any vacation in my opinion. Hopefully we will come up with some kind of plan soon as Oct will be here before you know it!!

                                                                                     Son of Zippy

Today in History...................

1939 "Wizard of Oz" premiers at Grauman's Chinese Theater, Hollywood
1969 Woodstock Music & Art Fair opens in NY State (Max Yasgur's Dairy Farm)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Good day Speakies. It's my favorite day of the week....hump day!!! So i find it's only fitting to express how i feel in one of my few favorite commercials. Enjoy!!

                                                 Son of Zippy

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Just the Facts

I'm back Speakies!!! It's a new record, two post in a row!! Now with all the joking aside, i hope everyone is hanging in there so far. Two down and a couple more to go. So today I am going to return to to my more informative post and maybe I'll switch it up for Wednesday. I guess you'll have to return to see if I did.....

                                                   Son of Zippy

Week long and daily observations.....

Vinyl Record Day- Spin them old records!!
Baseball Fans Day- Dad loved his Phillies!!
Truck Driver Day- 10-4 Rubber Duckie!!
National Apple Week- Washington Apple's are my favorite
National Bargain Hunting Week- Flee Markets anyone??
National Filet Mignon Day- Best I've ever had on a NCL cruise!!
International Left Handers Day- This day is for you Jeff and Ian!!

On this Day.....

1935 Transcontinental Roller Derby begins (Chicago Coliseum)
1961 Construction on Berlin Wall begins in East Germany (Dark day)


1860 Annie Oakley Drake Ohio, frontierswoman (Buffalo Bill's Wild West)
1899 Alfred Hitchcock London, director (Psycho, Birds, Rear Window)
1927 Fidel Castro Ruz Cuban political leader (1959- )
1930 Don Ho Hawaii, ukulele player (Tiny Bubbles)
1959 Danny Bonaduce actor (Danny-Partridge Family)

Monday, August 12, 2013


Hey Speakies. I know there were not that many post last week and for that i apologize. It was a busy week, so I hope to make up for it this week. Now most of my post are informative, sharing crazy facts and just overall trivial stuff. Well today's post is going to be out a new restaurant Wifey and I had visited this past weekend. I guess you can call it a review, but take what you want out of it.

Well this past Friday night we went out for dinner like we always do for the most part to start off our weekend. We like trying new and interesting places, and low and behold that's exactly what we did. Our Friday night adventure took us to a new place called Hash House A Go Go located at 5350 International Drive. Now we have passed this place several times, but never really looked twice. A local magazine did an article on this restaurant, and we decided to check it out. From the outside the places looks like some old farm silo building you would find in the midwest. Funny because the origin of the place is in San Diego. Their motto is "Twisted Farm Food" and they are not joking!! At a glance of the menu the prices are a little steep, but the size and portion make up for it ten fold. They serve you to two big biscuits to start you off and they are a regular size biscuit on steroids. As for the main course Wifey ordered their Famous Meatloaf and I ordered their Sage Fried Chicken & Bacon Waffle Tower. When the food arrived I believe both of our jaws dropped in the sheer shock of the size. Now just because the portion is big does not always mean it is going to taste good.......well in this case the food was delicious. Wifey enjoyed her meal and what can you say about a chicken and waffle dinner. All in all it's definitely a place to go and enjoy yourself with friends from out of town or in town. If your in the area check it out, you won't be disappointed.

                                                            Son of Zippy


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Short and Sweet

Welcome to Tuesday Speakies!! I don't know about you, but I am glad Monday is behind us and that we are that much closer to the weekend again!!! Let's see what's going on in the weird and interesting news department for today shall we......

                                                                      Son of Zippy

Today's Celebrations..............

National Gossip Day- Let the B.S. flow!!!
National Kid's Day- Like my Dad use to say " Everyday should be kids day"!!!
National Fresh Breath Day- It goes a long way!!
National Root Beer Float Day-  Yummy!!!


1911 Lucille Ball Jamestown NY, comedienne/actress (I Love Lucy, Mame)
1927 Andy Warhol pop artist
1973 Vera Farmiga actress ( Bates Motel)
1976 Soleil Moon Frye actress (Punky Brewster)

Today in History..............

1890 1st use of electric chair in US, John Hart, in NY for murder
1962 Jamaica gains independence from Britain
1965 Beatles release "Help" album in UK

Monday, August 5, 2013

Yea, it's Monday

Welcome to Monday Speakies!!! I hope everyone has a great weekend. Wifey and I enjoyed our time down in Sarasota visiting my brother and his family. I did a little work on his car and we all went to the beach on Sunday. It was a great weekend. Now that August has begun, let's see what happening for week long celebrations and daily stuff!!

                                                              Son of Zippy

Week Long Observations...........

Video Game Week- I still love playing them after all these years!!!
Mosquito Awareness Weekend - Should be a year long awareness here in Florida
Simplify your life week- I think everyone would like that!!

Today in History.......

1884 Cornerstone for Statue of Liberty laid on Bedloe's Island (NYC)
1914 1st traffic light installed (Euclid Ave. & E. 105th St, Cleveland)
1924 Comic strip "Little Orphan Annie," by Harold Gray, debuts
1926 Houdini stays in a coffin under water for 1« hrs
1945 Atom Bomb dropped on Hiroshima (Aug 6th in Japan)
1957 "American Bandstand," goes on network TV (ABC)
1964 Actress Anne Bancroft & comedian Mel Brooks wed
1964 US begins bombing North Vietnam
1966 Martin Luther King Jr stoned during Chicago march

Blow out your Candles....................

1930 Neil Armstrong Ohio, X-15 pilot, 1st Moonwalker (Gemini 8, Apollo 11)
1935 John Saxon Bkln, actor (Bees, Nightmare on Elm St, Electric Horseman)
1944 Loni Anderson St Paul Minn, actress (Jennifer-WKRP in Cincinnati)
1961 Tawny Kitaen (Coverdale) actress (Bachelor Party, Witchboard)

Dearly Departed.......

1962 Marilyn Monroe found dead of apparent self-inflicted drug overdose

Friday, August 2, 2013

Weekend Wishes

Just stopping by to wish all you Speakies a happy and safe weekend. Wifey and I are going to visit my brother and his family this weekend. Looking forward to a good time and seeing my niece and nephew. I will tell you all about it on Monday. Take care and see you guys/gals soon!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Welcome to August

Hi Speakies, welcome to August!! When I was younger August meant it was time to go back to school( well here in Florida at least) and I knew my summer vacation was over. Now as an adult August is just another month that seems to blend in with the rest of the year that goes by so fast. Hopefully through out the month of August I will be able to entertain all you Speakies and share some stories as well as some interesting facts to say the least. So, let's get started.

                                                                              Son of Zippy

Month Long Food Observations......

National Sandwich Month- Cheesesteak for me please!!!
National Peach Month- Peach cobbler sounds good!!
National Catfish Month- Cajun Catfish from Publix is pretty good. Try it!!

Who's celebrating a birthday.....

1779 Francis Scott Key Composer of U.S. anthem The Star Spangled Banner
1819 Herman Melville Author( Moby Dick)
1933 Dom DeLuise Bkln NY, comedian, actor (End, Cannonball Run, Fatso)
1942 Jerry Garcia SF, rocker (Grateful Dead-Uncle Joe's Band)
1959 Joe Elliot rocker (Def Leppard-Hysteria, Rock of Ages)

On this day.......

1794 Whiskey Rebellion begins
1831 London Bridge opens
1960 Chubby Checker releases "The Twist"
1964 Beatles' "Hard Day's Night, A," single goes #1 & stays #1 for 2 weeks
1981 MTV premiers at 12:01 AM
1987 Mike Tyson beats Tony Tucker to become undisputed boxing champ

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's all over!!!

I told you Speakies the end was near and today July has come full circle. I wish there was interesting stuff to share with you guys on this last day of July, but the truth of the matter is that there is nothing entertaining worth sharing. So today's post is just going to be short and sweet with the hope that August will give us some great entertainment and just crazy stuff. So, please stop back tomorrow and let's kick off August the right way with entertaining info. Take care.

                                                         Son of Zippy